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Best Fusion Rifles for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2021)

Fusion rifles are near and dear to my heart as a longtime user of them going back to the day I got Pocket Infinity in Destiny 1. Naturally, I have lots of strong opinions on them, so let’s go over the best fusion rifles for PvE, PvP, and Gambit in Destiny 2 in 2021as of Beyond Light.

Best Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2

Best for PvE and Gambit

  • Hollow Words (Energy, Arc) – Random world drop.
  • Jotuun (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Possible drop after completing powerful weapon frames at Bergusia Forge.
  • Merciless (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Rare exotic world drop.
  • Null Composure – (Void, Energy) – Complete the ritual quest from Season of the Splicer via Banshee-44.
  • One Thousand Voices (Power, Solar, Exotic) – Extremely rare drop from completing the raid, Last Wish.
  • Telesto (Energy, Void) – Rare exotic world drop.
  • Vex Mythoclast (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Extremely rare drop from completing the raid, Vault of Glass.
  • Zealot’s Reward (Energy, Void) – Possible drop from completing encounters in the raid, Garden of Salvation.

In PvE (and Gambit) right now the fusion rifle meta is dominated by small group of stand out weapons.

Sunsetting removed one of the all time great fusion rifles in Loaded Question from relevant activities. May it rest in peace. However, Season of the Splicer added Null Composure. While it’s not Loaded Question, it does at least roll with Reservoir Burst.

Still, that doesn’t leave us a lot of great legendary PvE options. Zealot’s Reward is a very nice feeling, a quick-firing fusion that can quickly erase minors, preform better against majors than you would think, and also roll with some decent perks.

Hollow Words is another very interesting choice within the high-impact archetype as it has a variety of random rolls including Vorpal Weapon which will make it a bit more useful against boss-class enemies.

Your other popular options are the exotic fusion rifles currently in-game: Jotuun, One Thousand Voices, Telesto, Merciless, and the returning Vex Mythoclast.

Jotuun is an excellent long-range fusion rifle that does solid of damage to, well, anything but is especially great at dealing with minors and majors and isn’t bad on bosses either. It’s a solid all around weapon.

Merciless is more of a traditional fusion rifle, and as long as you don’t mind being up a bit closer and can spec your character to keep you ammo reserves high, it can burn down majors and bosses decently well with it.

One Thousand Voices is extremely hard to get, but is one of the strongest guns in the game for certain encounters. It’s particular great at burning majors and is strong versus bosses as well.

Telesto is the closest thing you’ll get as of right now to replacing the Loaded Question experience as its rounds will explode and can catch multiple targets.

Vex Mythoclast is the most unique fusion rifle in the game. It default fires as something that more closely resembles an auto rifle, but can switch into a linear fusion rifle mode after getting at least two kills in PvE.

Best Fusion Rifles for PvP and Crucible

destiny 2, best fusion rifles
  • Bastion (Kinetic, Exotic) – Available via exotic kiosk.
  • Glacioclasm (Energy, Void) – Only available during The Dawning event.
  • Jotuun (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Available via exotic kiosk.
  • Telesto (Energy, Void, Exotic) – Rare exotic world drop
  • Vex Mythoclast (Energy, Solar, Exotic) – Extremely rare drop from completing the raid, Vault of Glass.

With Erentil gone, Bastion shoots up to the top of the list as far as fusions that have viability in competitive PvP is concerned.

Bastion just hits so hard, and can shutdown even the toughest super-charged players with a few rounds.

Don’t sleep on Telesto either, not only is it still just as powerful as ever, you can also get cheeky and lay down traps by shooting at the ground where you think players will cross. They will explode all the same once they make contact with someone.

If you want a legendary option, as of right now Glacioclasm, if you got it, is the closest thing to an Erentil replacement.

Vex is also an option as well if you want something that can be deadly at both mid at long-range with its dual-firing modes, just keep in mind that it doesn’t behave like a true fusion in either mode, and it ends up kind of being a jack of all trades kind of gun in PvP.

Finally, less for competitive but more for the memes, Jotuun can still catch sleeping guardians from across the map and frustrate them just as well as it has now for years.

That’s all for our best fusion rifles in Destiny 2 for PvE, PvP, & Gambit. If you’re interested in learning more weapon recommendations. Check out our all-encompassing lists below:

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