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Biomutant guide — How to get psi-points and unlock aura skills

Finding psi-points and bio points in Biomutant are the keys to unlocking the game’s ki skills. They’re the ki keys, if you will. Finding bio points is easy as it gets, honestly. Just keep an eye out for any buildings while in the open world. Once you enter the vicinity, you’ll see a checklist telling you what’s left to find there, including bio goop. You can tell, because it looks like a duffel bag loaded with glowing green junk. There are tons of these in plain sight throughout the world, so just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll rack up bio points in no time. All you need to do is approach and loot it, which will immediately add the point to your count.

Psi-points are a little more weird. There are two ways to get them. The first is to find shrines. There’s a shrine, which is a small tent thing, at the entrance of every tribal fort. It’s easiest to grab these after you’ve conquered the forts, so just remember to get the psi-points on your way out. You’ll also find these little tent structures in open fields. These are not extremely common though. You’ll need to keep an eye out for the shrines. But you’ll also find light and dark altars that grant psi-points.

While these altars provide psi-points, they also add points to your light or dark auras. You can notice them as tall statues located in stone areas that you’ll happen across occasionally. You’ll also get psi-points occasionally when you make aura choices. When you’re given good and evil responses to questions, you’ll often get an aura boost that correlates with the nature of your answer. You won’t always get psi-points with these, but just keep answering and they will show up from time to time.

Biomutant Psi Points gameplay shrines

How to use the psi-points

In order to actually use the psi-points to purchase skills, you’ll need to have the appropriate aura to do so. Skills are locked by how much light or dark aura you have, so if you’ve chosen one over the other, you probably won’t have enough for both. Granted, you can max one and get the other part of the way. The higher one will dictate what ending you get, so you can still afford skills that aren’t included in your main aura choice. However, most of the skills aren’t all that useful anyway, so it’s not something worth worrying about. You can always try to keep your two auras even if you really want to buy everything.

Each aura has an ultimate skill available. The light aura has a ki spark that shoots out chain lightning that lasts as long as you have ki and are within the range of foes. It doesn’t do all that much damage and leaves you defenseless, so it’s not all that great. I haven’t used the dark aura equivalent, but it lets you call down a strike on your foes. You’ll need 30 of whichever aura to even purchase these, though.

That’s all for psi-points, bio-points, and how to unlock aura skills in Biomutant. We also have a guide on crafting if the system in Biomutant has you confused. It definitely has its confusing parts.

Biomutant Psi Powers menu guide

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