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How to Unlock All Difficulty Levels


Earth Defense Force has historically contained five escalating difficulties, with various unlock means. While Earth Defense Force World Brothers doesn’t break from this, unlocking the difficulties is very important. Here’s how to unlock all difficulty levels in Earth Defense Force World Brothers.

How to Unlock All Difficulty Levels in Earth Defense Force World Brothers

For those who may be unaware and coming into the series fresh, the five Earth Defense Force difficulty levels are Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Inferno.

This time around, you will have to do a full run of the game (meaning every mission, as you can’t just redo the last mission on whatever difficulty for an easy unlock) on Hard to unlock Hardest, and then get through Hardest for Inferno. This is slightly unusual for the series, but with the game sitting at 60 missions, it has the smallest number of missions. Earth Defense Force 2017 had 63.

Hard shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, as, despite the name, it is still only the middle difficulty of the game. If you’re well versed in Earth Defense Force, starting right off with Hard shouldn’t bother you too much. If World Brothers is your first Earth Defense Force, however, choosing Easy or Normal difficulty just to get used to the feel of the game before delving into Hard is a reasonable strategy.

Time needed: 20 hours.

In summary:

  1. Beat every mission on Hard difficulty to unlock Hardest Difficulty.
  2. Beat every mission on Hardest difficulty to unlock Inferno difficulty.

There you have it. That’s all you need to know for how to unlock every difficulty in Earth Defense Force World Brothers.

World Brothers was also originally announced alongside the next game in the series, Earth Defense Force 6. You can also find some recently released screenshots and information on the upcoming game.

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