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Apex Legends Global Series Championship Prize Pool Reaches $2.58M – The Esports Observer

 Electronic Arts announced Tuesday that the total prize pool for the Apex Legends Global Series Championship is $2.58M USD. EA contributed an initial $1M to the prize pool, with the rest coming from sales of limited edition in-game skins. EA did not disclose precisely how many bundles it sold to reach this number.

EA announced in May that a portion of sales from select in-game bundles (Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback, and a bundle containing all items called Animal Kingdom) for its free-to-play battle royale game would help contribute to the total prize pool of the ALGS Championship. 

For every bundle purchased, EA  contributed $5 towards the prize pool, and for every Animal Kingdom bundle sold, $20 was put towards the prize pool. EA has decided to cap contributions from the bundles at $2M, making the maximum potential prize pool around $3M.  

In an interview with TEO in May, Electronic Arts SVP and General Manager of Competitive Gaming Todd Sitrin explained that EA has high hopes for Apex Legends esports in 2021 and beyond.

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