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Best Roblox Obbys To Play In 2021

Obstacle courses or more commonly known as Obbies or Obbys are one of the best genres available on this platform. If you are searching for the Best Roblox Obbies to play in 2021, then we’ve picked out the top ones for you.

In this type of games, you need to complete tackle various obstacles to be the winner. Due to their popularity, there are thousands of games available in the Roblox, which can make finding the best games a tough endeavor. So we have gone through all the popular Obbys and sorted out the best among them for you to play.

Top 10 Best Obbys (or Obbies) in Roblox

The list is not ranked in any particular order, as all of them are great in their own ways. So here are the best Obbys or Obbies in Roblox:

  • Wipeout Obby
  • Tower of Hell
  • The Really Easy Obby
  • Obstacle Paradise
  • Minions Adventure Obby
  • Escape the Waterpark Obby
  • Escape The Carnival of Terror Obby
  • Mega Fun Obby
  • Escape the Bathroom Obby
  • Escape Prison Obby

Wipeout Obby

Based on the famous television game show, Wipeout Obby lets you dream of being a participant in the show as a reality within your gaming device. The game has a good balance of obstacle difficulty even catering to both new and recurring players. If you have at least heard about the show then this is a must-play among the Roblox Obbies.

Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell

Roblox Tower of Hell is undoubtedly the favorite game of many players. With over 12 Billion visits this game is even among the top played games in Roblox Experiences. Here you try to climb a procedurally generated tower which increases in difficulty with each level. And bear in mind the game lacks any sort of checkpoints, unlike other Obbies. So the only way to win the game is by reaching the top first in a single run. We would recommend this game to you on any given day.

The Really Easy Obby

The Really Easy Obby

Contradictory to its name, the game is not so easy to play. The only easy experience with these games is a good selection of music. Apart from that, you will have a good time if you are looking for a challenging Obby.

Obstacle Paradise

Obstacle Paradise

This should be your first pick if you are planning to jump into Obbies genre with your friends. Not only can you take part in this game, but once you have enough experience in tackling the obstacles, you can also get in-game Money. Use it to create your own Obstacle course to share with your friends and the entire world of players.

Minions Adventure Obby (Despicable Forces)

Minions Adventure Obby Despicable Forces

If you are a fan of Despicable Me films and Minions then you must not miss out on this game. Being an endless runner at its core, the game does not feel like a normal Roblox game. The attention to the details and resemblance to the movies is so close you would feel like you are playing an official Obby adaptation of the franchise in Roblox.

Escape the Waterpark Obby

Escape the Waterpark Obby

Have you ever visited a Waterpark and wished it was a giant Obstacle Course Game Park? If you are like me, then this is where your dream comes to life. With inflated tubes, swimming pools and rides, this world is filled with everything you could find in a water park. If you have not played this one yet, then you need to check it out right away.

Escape The Carnival of Terror

Escape The Carnival of Terror

Imagine getting trapped in an eerie abandoned carnival with no way out. The only option to escape is filled with all kinds of terrifying obstacles. This is one horror-themed Obby you can’t miss out on. So turn off your lights, and dug into this unique world of terror. But if you have coulrophobia then this is one game you need to stay away from.

Mega Fun Obby

Mega Fun Roblox

If you enjoy obstacle courses then this is the longest and largest collection of stages in Roblox yet. With over 2400 levels and growing, there is something special about this game that hooks you into it without fail.

Escape the Bathroom Obby

Escape the Bathroom Obby

Being a drastic change in theme compared to the previous game, this game is filled with humor and is great for cheering yourself up. Being a small character in a giant bathroom, you have to escape the bathroom filled with all kinds of toiletries you could imagine. So after surviving the Carnival of Terror, this is the next experience you should rewards yourself with, for sure.

Escape Prison Obby

Escape Prison Obby!

It would be an injustice if we leave out Escape Prison Obby from our top 10 list. If you are looking for a Shawshank Redemption then you’ve got it wrong. Despite the name, the game resembles Floor is Lava games. Now, it’s not just a Floor is Lava game, there are various other fun elements you need to explore in this game. This would be a unique experience you will have while escaping prison.

These games are the best among this genre and if you have not played them, then we recommend you stop right here and start exploring them right away. None of these games will disappoint you. With that said we will leave you to play these games now.

That’s everything you need to know about the Top 10 Best Obbies or Obbys in Roblox. If you enjoy playing popular games in Roblox then check out our Roblox Game Codes list to redeem free rewards in all of them.

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