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Best 3 Player PS5 Games to Play Right Now (2021)

The PS5 has been out for a few months now, and if your group of friends managed to get the console, you’re probably wondering what exactly you can play together. Well, we’re here to help with that. Here are some of the best 3 player PS5 games available to play in 2021.

Genshin Impact

Best 3 Player PS5 Games (2021)

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG that lets you and three other friends explore a huge open-world as you fight world bosses, complete challenge rooms called Domains, and complete quests. You can’t take on main story quests online as a team, but there’s still plenty to do as part of a group if you enjoy discovery and free-roaming.

Players control teams of four even when playing solo, but online, each player picks one or two depending on how many people are in the co-op session. Each one of the 33 playable characters has unique strengths and abilities that need to be considered when playing as part of a team. There are also six elemental categories and five weapon types that each character falls under, so there’s a lot of room for creative team building and synergy here.

Developer miHoyo continues to update the game regularly by adding new events, playable characters, and map expansions. So it’s never a bad time to jump in with some friends as the game continues to grow.

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