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Hellraid update adds new story mode today

Hellraid was added to Dying Light a while back, bringing with it a fairly short but enjoyable bit of dungeon action. However, an update has added more. Although Techland is now hard at work on the looming sequel, they’ve surprised us with a free update to the DLC. It’s a new story mode that adds weapons, areas, and visual effects. The update is now available on PC and consoles. The update gives players a great reason to jump back into the game, and is a solid way to get the game back in people’s heads prior to the sequel’s supposed release later this year.

The new story mode in Hellraid has a narrative focus, unlike the initial offering for the DLC. In it, players will be sent into the Ba’als Temple to save a mage named Lucius that has been captured. This mode has three new quests in it. They’re called Clavis, Imprisoned, and Beneath Seals,  and all three can be played either by your lonesome or with friends. On top of these quests, there are also two new weapons. You can go toe-to-toe with enemies using the two-handed hammer, the Skullcrusher, or you can fight from afar with Corrupted Justice, which is a bow.

Dying Light Hellraid Update

That’s not the final word on Hellraid, of course. Dying Light will add even more story quests to the  DLC as time passes. The update has also improved the visuals of the DLC’s raid mode, making for a darker, more unsettling atmosphere. This comes on the heels of the release of Dying Light Platinum Edition, which added in Hellraid alongside The Following edition of the game, which included the original release, plus its large, countryside expansion. Now seems like a pretty good time to jump into Hellraid, or you can always wait for more episodes. There’s no information on when we can expect the story to wrap up. At this rate, though, it may take beyond the release of the sequel later this year.

Dying Light Hellraid Update

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