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Space Ape Games and Supercell collaborate for Boom Beach: Frontlines | Pocket Gamer.biz

Space Apes Games has soft-launched Boom Beach: Frontlines, a new game set in the Boom Beach universe.

The spinoff multiplayer title looks to be a collaboration between the studio and Supercell, which developed the original title. Players will be able to unlock troops, vehicles and power-ups, as well as explore different islands as they try to outwit their enemies with the help of teammates.

The testing (that is in closed alpha) will take place from June 4th to June 21st, 2020 with 15,000 players being able to gain access. 10,000 of that number will originate from users in Europe and the remaining 5,000 will come from those in North America.

The original Boom Beach was an MMO real-time strategy game created by Supercell and launched in November 2013. It went on to make approximately $820 million in revenue within its first five years of being live.

Invite only

“Over the last few months, the dev team has been focused on rebuilding the entire game’s infrastructure and working on an Android version,” said Space Ape Games player experience manager Bryan Cindell.

“With this work now complete we can scale up our tests and bring in more players than ever before less lag and a more stable platform for future updates.”

Those interested in getting their hands on Boom Beach: Frontlines will need to join the official Boom Beach Discord channel (invite only), or alternatively keep an eye on their Twitter account for future tests. Anyone that does gain access will start with a fresh profile on either iOS or Android and should be aware that no game data will be carried over to the full experience once released.

No details regarding a launch date or when further regions will gain access were shared.

PocketGamer.biz has reached out to Space Ape Games for comment.

While Supercell looks to have licensed out the Boom Beach IP, it’s still been very active as of late. Most notably, it soft-launched Clash Quest in Scandinavia, the first of three Clash spinoff games in development.

We previously spoke to former Space Ape Games head of content Deborah Mensah-Bonsu about why studios should be taking more risks to develop and tell more stories from different backgrounds.

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