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Untold Games reveals Golf Club Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic golf game

Video games have explored post-apocalyptic settings more times than one can count. Although this may seem like a problem at first, developers continuously demonstrate that end-of-the-world themes still have so much untapped potential. Golf Club Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic golf game announced today for Steam and the Epic Games Store, proves just that. Publisher Untold Games just released a trailer that shows off the game’s bizarre premise.

In Golf Club Wasteland, only 1% of all human life remains, and Earth has turned into an enormous golf course made exclusively for the ultra-rich. The subdued yet beautiful backgrounds tell the story of humanity’s downfall, and they feature not-so-subtle references to real-life political events. A radio station called Radio Nostalgia from Mars details how the remaining humans fled from Earth, and it features narration from a “smooth[-]voiced radio DJ.” Players control a lone astronaut who returns to Earth “for one last game.”

An approachable golf experience

The game promises an intriguing storytelling experience with biting social commentary, but it also promises a simple, accessible golf game. The trailer showcases dynamic courses played from a two-dimensional perspective, with unique mechanics like switches and small pipes to interact with. Golf Club Wasteland features three game modes for players of differing skill levels to try. Story Mode allows casual players to enjoy the mechanics and story at their leisure, while Challenge Mode tasks players with finishing holes under par. Iron Mode exists for truly dedicated players, as it has “almost zero room for error.”

Golf Club Wasteland features such an unusual take on post-apocalyptic tropes that it will no doubt attract players hungry for something new. Untold Tales and developer Demagog Studio plan to release a demo on Steam sometime in mid-June, so those interested do not have to wait long to try it out. Those who purchase the final game receive both the official soundtrack and an art book that delves deeper into the narrative.

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