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Unravel the secrets of Sega, Sulake, Samsung Next, Jagex and more | Pocket Gamer.biz

You could discover the best methods of reinvigorating profitability in mobile games, how to successfully bring user-generated content to mobile and how to create deeper connections with your audience at next month’s Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7.

We’re back on July 12th to 16th for a week of superlative seminars, panels, fireside chats, roundtables and more. We’ve put together a fantastic lineup of over 250 speakers from the biggest companies in the games industry, including the likes of Sega, Samsung Next, Jagex, Tencent and many more.

Catch these fantastic companies sharing their expert insights – live and interactive – across 24 themed tracks throughout the week.

We’ve already revealed some speakers that you can catch up on here – but for now, here are your next set of speakers you’ll learn from at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7.

L-R: Connie Fu, Gunther Gong, Dana Pavel, Royi Benyossef

We’re incredibly excited to hear from Tencent head of WeTest Global Gunther Gong and senior project manager Connie Fu will unite for a session that navigates through reinvigorating profitability in mobile games through quality improvement.

You’ll also discover the hidden secrets of the Asian market and where you should look to invest this year with Neon Doctrine’s co-founder Vladislav Tsypljak as part of a panel looking at this lucrative territory.

Carry1st head of games Nick Murray will feature on a speed panel on creating a game economy that adds value to the players and to your pocket, while TBD.Games CEO Niel Caruncho will host a session focusing on playing with platform-agnostic NFTs on mobile devices.

Ideation, transition and mental health

Samsung Next investment director Royi Benyossef and Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand will share a brief history on user-generated content (UGC), how to successfully bring UGC to mobile and why it has the potential to be the next frontier for the creator community. We’re also thrilled to hear from AppFollow senior customer success manager Dana Pavel who will share their expert insights.

Royi Benyossef and Marchand share a brief history on user-generated content (UGC), how to successfully bring UGC to mobile and why it has the potential to be the next frontier for the creator community

During the processes of ideation to the final product, what can you expect and what is actually reality? Ndemic Creations CEO and founder James Vaughan will discuss the topic with Boomzap Entertainment CEO Christopher Natsuume and a panel of other industry experts. Natsuume also appears on a panel alongside Playtra founder Dan Bernardo and other speakers exploring what it means to be a games industry entrepreneur.

“When free-to-play virtual social platform, Habbo, started the transition from Flash to Unity towards the end of 2020 (due to Flash’s discontinued availability), the vast and dedicated community for the much-loved, 20-year-old product reacted at first with hesitation and cynicism and then outright anger,” said Sulake social media manager George Archer, as he discusses how the company won back their community after making the decision to switch to Unity from Flash.

“Now just a few short months later, after some fire-fighting actions from Sulake, the Habbo community has experienced a complete turnaround and is stronger than ever.”

Smilegate product manager Jiwon Kim will look at scaled agile in large organisations, while Belka Games’ Pavel Sudakov shares their approach to research and development by presenting their know-hows and principles, such as who works in research and development, when it’s time to start project scale and how to not burn out.

Continuing that theme, Blushing Blue managing director Gina Jackson OBE shall host a session on games and mental health. Jagex head of human resources Emma Russell and AuthorDigital co-founder and CEO Serena Robar will also discuss with a panel how to create a deeper emotional connection with your team during the current COVID-19 crisis.

As a subject close to our hearts, we’re intrigued to hear that Aequaland co-founder and CEO Alma Moya Losada will explore the positive impact of games.

L-R: Dan Bernardo, Gina Jackson OBE, George Archer, Emma Russell

Publishing, investment and marketing

When working with publishers, is transparency the core of a successful deal? Independent game developer Alice Ruppert and Homa Games’ Victor Vielliard share their thoughts with a panel. Meanwhile, Devolver Digital vice president of mobile Mark Hickey is set to discuss when is the best time to connect with publishers.

Annabel Ashalley-Anthony looks at the way influencer marketing can be used to connect with your audience

Looking at another potentially vital partnership, 1Up Capital managing partner Maximillian Seeburg had decided to dedicate his session to providing an introduction to investment and funding. Agnitio Capital managing director and founder Shum Singh will discuss with Homa Games vice president of finance and legal Romain Levrini and other panellists how best to prepare your studio for mergers and acquisitions.

Another panel on investment sees Play Ventures analyst Phylicia Koh and London Venture Partners (LVP) associate Harry Hamer discuss how to get the most out of your investment deal.

Turning our attention to marketing, Sega Europe brand director Rowan Tafler shall explore the importance of getting the basics right in game marketing, and how you can use that as a base for success.

Aftershock Media Group director of business development Matt Rutledge explores the world of influencer marketing in mobile games, while Melanin Gamers founder Annabel Ashalley-Anthony looks at the way influencer marketing can be used to connect with your audience.

And don’t miss Bytro Labs online marketing manager David Westerman Ferreira session on how to learn about their unique approach to successfully scale TikTok as an advertising platform and grow their hardcore strategy games. Also speaking on the Ad Insights track at our next B2B conference is Huawei’s Youssef El Kara.

L-R Serene Robar, Victor Vielliard, Alma Moya Losada, Shum Singh

To games… and beyond!

Houston Howard discusses with a panel whether metaverses are the cause or consequence of changes in creative digital thinking

On May 10th to 14th, we ran a brand new conference called Beyond Games, which explored how games met other creative industries, transmedia trends and the metaverse – and our brand new site BeyondGames.biz launches soon.

We’ve loved this track at previous Pocket Gamer Connects events and we’re excited for its return for our seventh digital conference. One 3 Creative chief storyteller and transmedia producer Houston Howard will discuss with a panel whether metaverses are the cause or consequence of changes in creative digital thinking.

Firefly Games founder and CEO Michael Zhang shares how best to work with Hollywood IP stakeholders for mobile game development and publishing – and is it possible to promote balanced growth in esports? Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) commissioner Ian Smith then will moderate a panel where esports experts discuss how to maintain the balance between business and entertainment.

We also look forward to hearing what East Side Games CEO Josh Nilson and Electric Manta CEO Mark Cochrane have to share during Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #7.

And we can’t wait to hear ZeptoLab live ops manager Adam Zelenay discuss with a panel the question: can games be eternal?

L-R: Phylicia Koh, Rowan Tafler, Annabel-Ashalley-Anthony, Youssef El Kara

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