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Absolute Drift, by Art of Rally makers, is free on GOG.com

GOG.com has a free game available for the next two days, and it’s a pretty good one: Absolute Drift: Zen Edition, by Funselektor, whose follow-up Art of Rally launched in September.

Absolute Drift, for Windows PC is a series of drifting/gymkhana challenges raced from a stylized, top-down perspective, somewhat resembling a Micro Machines racing game. Absolute Drift launched on Windows in 2015, and then on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in August of 2017. It launched at the beginning of 2021 for Nintendo Switch, too. Absolute Drift is ordinarily $11.99; it has a “Very Positive” user rating on Steam.

We were enamored of Funselektor’s Art of Rally, which is a different type of racing but has similar stylish visuals. This video gives a better idea of what Absolute Drift entails.

Players have until Saturday afternoon to claim Absolute Drift. All they need is a free GOG.com account and to opt-in to CD Projekt’s marketing notices.

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