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Legendary Edition’ Just Got Updated with an FPS Counter, Frame Rate Control Options, Multiple Quality of Life Features, Controller Changes, and More – TouchArcade

Following its original reveal, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition ($17.99) for iOS and Android by Handy Games and it finally launched in February. If you’ve been out of the loop with all things Titan Quest on mobile, read this. Since launch, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition (and the older game with DLC sold separately) has been updated with a slew of improvements and additions like controller support, pet and potion settings, cut-scene subtitles, and a lot more. Today, another big update to Titan Quest: Legendary Edition (and the older Titan Quest HD) has gone live with some interesting additions and fixes. Check out the fps counter and limiting options below:

You can now display the current game fps in the bottom left of the screen and this lets you see how any graphics change affects performance on your device. You can even limit the frame rate to different levels with 60 being the highest frame rate in the game’s current state (at least on my iPad Pro 2020). Cloud saves have been changed to be compatible with the upcoming Apple TV version. Controller support has been updated with an alternative control option and some tweaking possible. There are also over 100 fixes and tweaks for the game according to the patch notes by Handy Games. Handy Games also had a short livestream showcasing this update. You can watch it below:

If you’ve not gotten it yet, you can buy Titan Quest: Legendary Edition on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here as a premium release. The original Titan Quest HD ($6.99) is also available at a lower price since you need to buy the DLCs separately. Make sure to head over to our forum thread for more discussion around Titan Quest: Legendary Edition and the DLC. Have you been playing Titan Quest: Legendary Edition on iOS and Android or did you upgrade your original Titan Quest HD through DLC purchases?

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