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Maplestory – Kain Class Guide: Skill Build, Nodes, Inner Ability

Kain is a Bowman from the Nova faction who uses a new type of weapon, a Whispershot, to dish out powerful skills while moving with high mobility.

His high damage potential is proven by his rankings on DPM Charts, where the class is usually ranked above half of all classes in the game.

In this class guide, we give you all the information you need on the Bowman class, Kain, in Maplestory.

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Job information

Kain is a Bowman in Maplestory of the Nova faction.

The class uses a new type of weapon, a Whispershot, as his primary weapon, and another new weapon, Weapon Belt, as his secondary weapon.

Kain’s link skill is Time to Prepare, which has the following description: After completing Time to Prepare at least 1 time, then upon either defeating 8 enemies or attacking a boss 5 times, damage increases by 9% (17%) for 20 sec, for every 5 times you’ve stacked Time to Prepare.

The maximum level of this link skill is level 2, and at both levels 1 and 2, it has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Kain’s legion bonus effect, like most other Bowman classes, is +X Dex (+10, +20, +40, +80. +100)

If you’re looking for a class with lots of damage, AoE for mobbing, and great mobility, then give Kain a try.

Chances are that you’re gonna have a blast training him with his flashy skills.

Be sure to check out our Maplestory training guide to ensure a smooth and fast leveling experience.

Skill build

Upon leveling up and attaining the next job advancement, you get three skill points.

Kain has quite a lot of skills, so what is the best way to build your skills?

In the following, we give you our take on the best skill build for Kain.

Like many of the newer classes in Maplestory, Kain gets enough skill points to max out his skills every single job advancement.

Therefore, you cannot do something wrong in terms of using skill points.

The only thing you can do is slow down your leveling a bit by putting skill points into the wrong skills.

However, once you reach the next job advancement, you’ll have maxed out every single skill, at which point it won’t matter what skill you maxed out first.

In the following skill builds for each job, we give you the number of skill points you should put into skills and then what skills you should max in order.

For example, in the 1st job skill build for Kain, you should put 1 skill point in Strike Arrow, Shadow Swiftness, and Grappling Wire at level 10 (when you get your three skill points from the job advancement).

At level 11, you should put 1 skill point in Shadow Step, Assassin, and Ghost walk.

From then on, you should put all your skill points in the skills listed with Max next to them in order (in the first job, you should max Shadow Swiftness first, then Assassin, and so on.

If we’ve listed two skills in the same priority for maxing, like we’ve done with Shadow Step and Grappling Wire in the 1st job skill build, it doesn’t matter which of the two you max first or whether or not you choose to put points in both at the same time.

1st job skill build

In the first job, you unlock your main attack skill, Strike Arrow, which you’ll use for the rest of the game, with upgrades later on, though.

You also unlock your main mobility skills, Shadow Swiftness and Grappling Wire.

The rest of your skills are passive buffs and one other mobility skill.

  • 1 Strike Arrow, 1 Shadow Swiftness, 1 Grappling Wire
  • 1 Shadow Step, 1 Assassin, 1 Ghost Walk
  • Max Shadow Swiftness
  • Max Assassin
  • Max Ghost Walk
  • Max Strike Arrow
  • Max Shadow Step/Grappling Wire

2nd job skill build

In the second job, you unlock an upgrade to Strike Arrow as well as a passive (toggle-on) skill, Dragon Fang, that helps you farm faster by summoning small fangs that automatically target and attack enemies.

You also unlock Whispershot Booster after putting 5 points into Whispershot Mastery, which increases your attack speed, significantly increasing your damage output.

Kain’s gauge system is also unlocked at 2nd job, which enables you to enter possessed state where you can use Posses versions of some of your skills, making them stronger.

The gauge system is unlocked through the skill Possession, which automatically is maxed out for you upon getting the second job.

  • 1 Strike Arrow II, 1 Dragon Fang, 1 Scattering Shot
  • 3 Whispershot Mastery
  • 2 Whispershot Mastery, 1 Whispershot Booster
  • 2 Whispershot Booster, 1 Whispershot Mastery
  • Max Whispershot mastery
  • Max Physical Training
  • Max Dragon Fang
  • Max Strike Arrow II
  • Max Scattering Shot
  • Max Whispershot Booster

3rd job skill build

In the third job, you once again unlock an upgrade to Strike Arrow.

You also unlock the next major skill system for Kain, execute skills.

When using skills on enemies, you start placing marks on them because of the Death’s Blessing skill.

Enemies and bosses marked by this skill can be attacked with the new type of skills you unlock in the third job, Execute skills.

Execute skills are more powerful than regular skills and are great for bossing.

Using an execute skill on a marked enemy causes the mark to materialize, dealing extra damage and giving you a short-duration buff.

  • 1 Death’s Blessing, 1 [Execute] Tearing Knife, 1 Strike Arrow III
  • 1 [Execute] Phantom Blade, 1 Shaft Break, 1 Lasting Grudge
  • Max Natural Born Instinct
  • Max Grinding
  • Max Lasting Grudge
  • Max Strike Arrow III
  • Max Death’s Blessing
  • Max [Execute] Tearing Knife
  • Max Shaft Break
  • Max [Execute] Phantom Blade

4th job skill build

In the fourth job, you’re given access to upgrades to previous skills and both the Malice gauge system and Death’s Blessing.

You’re also given a couple of new skills, of which the Execute skills are the more interesting.

Dragon Scale, which gives you invincibility for up to 3.4 seconds, is also given at the 4th job, which is a useful skill against bosses.

If you see that you can’t make it out of a lethal attack from a boss, you can use Dragon Scale to keep yourself alive.

Other than that, you’re mostly just given more passive buffs in the fourth job advancement.

  • 1, Advanced Death’s Blessing, 1 Falling Dust, 1 [Execute] Poison Needle
  • 1 [Execute] Chain Sickle, 1 Dragon Scale, 1 Whispershot Expert
  • 1 Grinding II, 1 Nova Temperance, 1 Whispershot Expert
  • Max Whispershot Expert
  • Max Grinding II
  • Max Dogma
  • Max Adapt to Death
  • Max Advanced Death’s Blessing
  • Max Nova Warrior
  • Max [Execute] Poison Needle
  • Max [Execute] Chain Sickle
  • Max Falling Dust
  • Max Dragon Scale
  • Max Nova Temperance

Hyper skill build

Like with any other job in Maplestory, you should put the hyper skill point you get at each level you unlock an active skill into that one.

The active hyper skills do not share the same skill points as hyper passive skills.

Therefore, we are only listing the hyper passive skills that you should put your skill points into (in the passive tab of hyper skills).

Because some of the hyper passive skills that you want to put a skill point into aren’t unlocked at level 140 (the level that you unlock hyper skills and stats), we’re listing the hyper passive skills in the order of the levels at which you gain a new hyper passive skill point and what skill you should use it on at that level.

  • 1 Whispershot Guardbreak (Level 140)
  • 1 Whispershot Reinforce (Level 160)
  • 1 Whispershot Boss Rush (Level 180)
  • 1 Execute Guardbreak (Level 190)
  • 1 Execute Reinforce (Level 200)

5th job (Nodes) skill build

In the fifth job, Kain gets access to a range of passive skills that improve the damage of skills unlocked in earlier job advancement.

However, Kain also gets access to four powerful active skills exclusive to Kain.

Like every other job in Maplestory, Kain also gets access to skills and buffs available for other jobs of the Bowman class.

It’s difficult to give an exact best skill build for the 5th job of Kain, as it depends on the situation.

Also, the higher level you reach, the more node slots you’ll unlock, making it easier for you to gain all the skills and buffs you want to use.

You want to focus on the following skills in no particular order:

  • Strike Arrow/Chasing Shot Boost (Passive)
  • Dragon Fang/Lasting Grudge Boost (Passive)
  • Death’s Blessing/Unseen Sniper Boost (Passive)
  • Chain Sickle/Poison Needle Boost (Passive)
  • [Possess] Dragon Burst (Active)
  • Thanatos Descent (Active)
  • Grip of Agony (Active)
  • [Execute] Fatal Blitz (Active)

Other great skills not exclusive to Kain that you also want to focus on include:

  • Decent Holy Symbol (Buff)
  • Decent Speed Infusion (Buff)
  • Decent Combat Orders (Buff)
  • Decent Sharp Eyes (Buff)
  • Vicious Shot (Buff)
  • Erda Nova (Bind)
  • Rope Lift (Mobility)
  • Guided Arrow (Active)

According to the Kain discord, the three perfect trio nodes you should aim for are:

  • Death’s Blessing/Unseen Sniper Boost, Strike Arrow/Chasing Shot Boost, Dragon Fang/Lasting Grudge Boost (Primary)
  • Scattering Shot Boost, Falling Dust Boost, Shaft Break Boost (Mobbing)
  • Chain Sickle/Poison Needle Boost, Phantom Blade/Tearing Knife Boost, Any useful node (Bossing)


How to spend ability points

Kain is a job that belongs to the bowman class, which means that Kain’s primary stat is DEX (Dexterity).

Unlike at the beginning of Maplestory, you now no longer need to put ability points into any other stat than your primary one.

Because of this, you should put all of your ability points into DEX when playing as a Kain.

If you use the auto-assign feature, you’ll also notice that it recommends putting all your ability points into DEX.

No equipment that you’ll be using throughout the game requires you to have a specific value in another stat.

Therefore, using all your ability points on the stat that increases your damage the most is the best and only viable way to spend your ability points.


Kain has a bunch of flashy and powerful skills for you to explore.

Here is a complete overview of every single skill Kain possesses.

Beginner skills

1st job skills

2nd job skills

3rd job skills

4th job skills

Hyper skills

5th job (V) skills

Skill descriptions and values are gathered from the game itself, Maplestory Fandom, and Grandis Library.

Best inner ability

Kain can reach the attack speed cap in GMS without the need for an attack speed inner ability line.

Furthermore, Kain’s kit doesn’t benefit a lot from cooldown reduction, so don’t go for that either.

Instead, the best inner ability for Kain is:

  • 20% Boss Damage
  • 20% Critical Rate
  • 8% Abnormal Damage

Other inner abilities that are great for Kain if you don’t have the resources to keep resetting your inner ability include % Attack, flat Attack, Mesos Obtained (Reboot only for farming while training), and Drop Rate, also for farming.

Cash Shop sharing

Being a Bowman of the Nova faction, Kain shares his Cash Shop inventory with the other Jobs from the Nova faction.

Specifically, Kain shares his Cash Shop inventory with:

  • Kaiser
  • Cadena
  • Angelic Buster

You can transfer any Cash Item you can put into the Cash Shop between the characters of these jobs.

That’s everything you need to know about the Kain job in Maplestory!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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