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EA seems to be preparing for a reported Dead Space remake reveal

At this point, it might be fair to say that another Dead Space game is all but certain. Considering the waves of rumors, an eventual announcement will get clumsily thrown onto the monolithic pile of “worst-kept gaming secrets.” Regardless, there seems to be plenty of corroborating evidence to support another game in the, erm, dead franchise. More has since come out today, with reports that it’ll be a Dead Space remake.

Earlier today, EA changed the avatar of the game’s YouTube page for the first time in many, many years. No longer a Dead Space 3 logo, now it’s a close-up of Isaac Clarke’s iconic engineer helmet. Naturally, this doesn’t exactly guarantee a remake is happening. However, seeing any activity regarding something tied to the franchise does bode well for the rumors.

GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb was one of the earliest to report that EA Motive was behind the new game. Today, he reiterated that not only is it a new game in the franchise, but it’ll be a full-fledged remake of the original Dead Space. Founded in 2015, EA Motive is a new developer under the publisher’s wing, without much experience in the horror genre. EA charged Motive with making Star Wars games, and it released Battlefront II (in collaboration with DICE and Criterion) in 2017, and Star Wars: Squadrons in 2020. Motive was set to make another game, code named Gaia, but it was canceled this year according to Bloomberg.

Dead Space remake reveal ea

What’s there to believe

A Dead Space remake is a pretty safe bet for EA to make. Motive is still unproven in the genre, so building on what made Dead Space such an instant hit feels like a good first step. Naturally, we don’t know for sure if another game is on the way. EA hasn’t gone out of its way to deny its existence, but with the YouTube change it’s clear that at least someone at the company is thinking about the series. What we do know is that it won’t be under Visceral Games’ prior boss, Glen Schofield, as he and his team are working on The Callisto Protocol.

Hopefully, we’ll hear about a possible Dead Space remake during EA Play Live. It’ll be a good way to fill in where BioWare’s games should have been.

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