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Buzz Capital invests $594,000 in Dream Harvest and Fundamentally Games | Pocket Gamer.biz

Brighton-based investor Buzz Capital has invested £500,000 ($594,000) in Dream Harvest and Fundamentally Games.

The investment was led by Premiere Capital with Buzz Capital supporting the move. Both companies are in the UK with the country’s game market growing by 30 per cent to $9.6 billion in 2020, accordion to UKIE.

Founded in 2015, Dream Harvest is working on Neuroslicers and NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy, with the studio said to be focusing on narrative experiences and “expansive, diverse worlds”.

Fundamentally Games was founded in 2019 and offers live ops, user acquisition and publishing services.

Continue to build

“The games sector is one of the few industries to have made huge gains during COVID, as more and more people embraced video games during the various lockdowns to pass the time and remain connected to friends and family,” said Buzz Capital COO Adam Betteridge.

“It’s an ambition we will continue building on over the coming months.”

Fundamentally Games COO Ella Romanos added: “We’ve made good progress over the last year and having a partner who believes in us and who is on that journey with us is something that any company would be lucky to have and demonstrates their commitment not just to us, but to the UK games industry too.”

Dream Harvest CEO Justin French further commented “We’re thankful for the continued support from the team at Premiere and Buzz Capital who have been long term partners of Dream Harvest and who believe in the long-term vision we have for the studio.”

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