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Scarlet Nexus Brain Map Skill Tree: Best Skills to Unlock

Scarlet Nexus is full of fast and fluid action with plenty of options on how to approach combat situations thanks to its skill tree. If you’re trying to figure out which skills to go for, we’ve got some pointers. Here’s a list of the best skills to unlock in the Scarlet Nexus Brain Map skill tree.

Best Brain Map Skills to Unlock in Scarlet Nexus

First of all, you’ll need Brain Points (BP) to unlock skills. The only way to earn more Brain Points is to level up your main protagonist (Yuito or Kasane). Once you have points to spend, here are the skills that you should be aiming for along with the reasoning behind these choices.

Rebound, Aerial Dash, & Double Jump

All three of these movement abilities are found in the Expand section of the Brain Map, and they’re must-haves as basic skills. Rebound allows you to recover quickly after being knocked down, and might just be the most useful of the three when it comes to saving you from frustration. Without it, your character will lay on the ground for far too long after taking a hit. Rebound should be your first unlock.

Aerial dash and double jump are self-explanatory, and they’ll allow you to get to hard-to-reach places to obtain rare items outside of combat. Aerial dash also enables mid-air dodges, which are useful from the beginning of the game right up to the end.

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