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Diablo 3 2.7.1 Season 24 Class Set Rewards List – Expert Game Reviews

In this post, you will see the list of all the Seasonal Class Sets that will appear in the upcoming Diablo 3 2.7.1 patch in Season 24. We have already highlighted upcoming features, which you can read about here. All the sets we describe below are part of seasonal rewards In Diablo 3. You can receive only one set per account so choose wisely.

Demon Hunter – Natalya’s Vengeance Set

  • Natalya’s Sight (Head)
  • Natalya’s Embrace (Torso)
  • Natalya’s Slayer (1-Hand)
  • Natalya’s Touch (Hands)
  • Natalya’s Bloody Footprints (Feet)
  • Natalya’s Leggings (Legs)
  • Natalya’s Reflection (Finger)

Natalya’s Vengeance Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Reduces cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 4 seconds when you hit with a Hatrred-generating attack or Hatred-spending attack.

4 pieces:

  • Rain of Vengeance deals 100% increased damage.

6 pieces:

  • After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 14000% increased damage and take 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds.

Barbarian – Immortal King’s Call Set

Immortal King's Call Set
  • Immortal King’s Triumph (Head)
  • Immortal King’s Eternal Reign (Torso)
  • Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker (2-Hand)
  • Immortal King’s Irons (Hands)
  • Immortal King’s Tribal Binding (Waist)
  • Immortal King’s Stride (Feet)
  • Immortal King’s Stature (Legs)

Horde of Ninety Savages Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Call of the Ancients lasts until they die.

4 pieces:

  • Reduces the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury you spend with an attack.

6 pieces:

  • While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 4000% increased damage.

Wizard – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Set

Vyr's Amazing Arcana Set
  • Vyr’s Sightless Skull (Head)
  • Vyr’s Astonishing Aura (Torso)
  • Vyr’s Grasping Gauntlets (Hands)
  • Vyr’s Swaggering Stance (Feet)
  • Vyr’s Proud Pauldrons (Shoulders)
  • Vyr’s Fantastic Finery (Legs)

Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Archon gains effects of every rune.

4 pieces:

  • Archon kill stacks also increase Attack Speed, Armor and Resistances by 1%.

6 pieces:

  • Gain 1 Archon stack when you hit with an Archon ability and Archon stacks also reduce damage taken by 0.15% and have their damage bonus increased to 100%.

Witch Doctor – Spirit of Arachyr Set

Spirit of Arachyr Set
  • Arachyr’s Visage (Head)
  • Arachyr’s Carapace (Torso)
  • Arachyr’s Claws (Hands)
  • Arachyr’s Stride (Feet)
  • Arachyr’s Mantle (Shoulders)
  • Arachyr’s Legs (Legs)

Spirit of Arachyr Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Summons a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 4000% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move where you cast your Corpse Spiders.

4 pieces:

  • Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. After summoning a Toad of Hugeness, you gain 50% damage reduction and heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 15 seconds.

6 pieces:

  • The damage of creature skills is increased by 17500%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas.

Monk – Uliana’s Stratagem Set

Uliana's Stratagem Set
  • Uliana’s Spirit (Head)
  • Uliana’s Heart (Torso)
  • Uliana’s Fury (Hands)
  • Uliana’s Destiny (Feet)
  • Uliana’s Strength (Shoulders)
  • Uliana’s Burden (Legs)

Uliana’s Stratagem Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm.

4 pieces:

  • Your Seven-Sided Strike deals 777% its total damage with each hit. All damage taken is reduced by 77% for 7 seconds after applying Exploding Palm to an enemy.

6 pieces:

  • Increase the damage of your Exploding Palm by 9000%, and your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm.

Crusader – Seeker of the Light Set

Seeker of the Light Set
  • Crown of the Light (Head)
  • Heart of the Light (Torso)
  • Will of the Light (Hands)
  • Foundation of the Light (Feet)
  • Mountain of the Light (Shoulders)
  • Towers of the Light (Legs)

Seeker of the Light Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second.

4 pieces:

  • You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword.

6 pieces:

  • Increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 15000% and Falling Sword by 1000%.

Necromancer – Trag’Oul’s Avatar Set

Trag'Oul's Avatar Set
  • Trag’Oul’s Guise (Head)
  • Trag’Oul’s Scales (Torso)
  • Trag’Oul’s Claws (Hands)
  • Trag’Oul’s Stalwart Greaves (Feet)
  • Trag’Oul’s Heart (Shoulders)
  • Trag’Oul’s Hide (Legs)

Trag’Oul’s Avatar Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

  • Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune.

4 pieces:

  • While at full Life, your healing from skills is added to your maximum Life for 45 seconds, up to 100% more.

6 pieces:

  • All Life-spending abilities deal 3800% increased damage and your healing from skills is increased by 100%.

These sets you’ll see as Seasonal Journey Rewards in Diablo 3 Season 24 Ethereals.

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