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Xbox Game Pass takes the lead for streaming games on mobile | Pocket Gamer.biz

Microsoft‘s Xbox Game Pass app has generated an estimated 14 million lifetime downloads via the App Store and Google Play, according to Sensor Tower.

In 2021 alone, the Xbox Game Pass app has been installed 2.5 million times, with 1.8 million of that number originating via Android. The Xbox Game Streaming app, which is only available on Google Play, has generated 3.2 million downloads to date.

These stats have come to light following Microsoft’s decision to launch its Xbox Cloud Gaming service on iOS through a browser. Windows 10 users can also utilise Xbox Cloud Gaming going forward.


Nvidia’s own streaming service, Nvidia GeForce Now, has settled for second with 4.2 million downloads to date from Google Play.

Google’s Stadia, on the other hand, has accumulated a total of 3.3 million downloads on mobile with 391,000 installs gathered across 2021. It’s interesting to see that people are still downloading the app, considering Google confirmed that it will no longer produce exclusive content as it has decided to close its first-party Stadia development studios in February.

Across other platforms this year, Nvidia GeForce Now has generated 1.4 million downloads, whereas Stadia has generated 598,000.

Xbox has recently expanded the reach of its cloud gaming service to allow Apple devices to connect via their browser.

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