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Bleach Brave Souls announces anniversary plans and livestream

The developer behind the mega-popular Bleach Brave Souls just announced its plans for the game’s sixth anniversary. The biggest news is that the game will have its own artbook titled Bleach Brave Souls Official Artworks. Since the game features so many original designs for the cast of Bleach, an artbook seems only fitting. The book will have dozens of full color illustrations, including many by the series creator, Tite Kubo. Preorders for the artbook are up until September 2, while supplies last.

A new version of Ichigo will also be available in the game from July 15 to July 23 to celebrate the release of the artbook . Also, from now until the July 23, players will be able to get 25 free Soul Tickets a day for up to 15 days. This adds up to a grand total of 375 Soul Tickets just for logging in.

Continuing the art theme, there is also a fanart contest being held. Share your best Bleach fanart on Twitter with the hashtag #bravesoulsart and follow the game’s official Twitter account. Ten pieces of art will be chosen, and the winners will receive an original poster only made for winners of this contest.

Bleach Brave Souls anniversary

Feel the soul

Last but not least, the Bleach Brave Souls sixth Anniversary Bankai livestream event will be held on Sunday, July 1 at 8:00 AM ET. The Japanese voice actors for Ichigo, Chad, Uryu, and Byakuya will also be on the stream to celebrate. New information on the game will be given out, and contests on social media will be held during the stream. In-game items and five star summoning tickets will be awarded during the livestream.

If you’re a fan of the series, it’s highly recommended that you check it out, especially with the return of the anime looming ever closer. The game features new and original designs for many characters, and covers the events of the anime, the light novels, and the movies. Not only that, there are also original, game-exclusive stories as well.

The game is also one of the more generous in the gacha genre, with five and six star characters given out pretty liberally. There’s also a very generous pity system, so saving up Soul Tickets for big events like the anniversary are definitely worth the time and effort. You can celebrate the Bleach Brave Souls sixth anniversary by downloading the game for free on Steam.

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