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Apex Legends Revenant abilities analysis and character guide

Most online games get frequent balancing updates to tweak the corresponding metas, but few come close to matching Apex Legends in frequency and scope. The developers are constantly experimenting with new ways to keep weapons, items, locations and characters up to par. Revenant was one of the recent test subjects that received revisions to their abilities, and it seems his procedure was a success, as many more players now choose him in Apex Legends. This guide will cover the recent changes in detail, along with the other important things to know when using him.

It just takes a quick look at Revenant’s abilities to know that he boasts an offensive toolset that caters to aggression and movement. The Death Totem Ultimate ability is the crown jewel of Revenant’s offerings. As the saying goes though, a good offense often makes for a strong defense. In this guide, we’ll cover how all of the ins and outs of each ability can help you topple the best squads in the lobby, as well as keep them off your back to an extent.

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