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Wings of Ruin — Guides and features hub

Unlike the mainline games in the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has you playing as a “Rider.” In this sequel to the spinoff series, you’ll find new creatures to join your party. Known as “Monsties,” these “monster besties” will be your companions throughout your journey. You’ll discover their eggs, pass on their genes, use their skills to explore the world, and gain their kinship as you eliminate foes.

Mind you, it’s a fairly long game. A lengthy grind is also a given since you can choose to play with friends via co-op or match up against other players in PvP. In any case, here’s our Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin guides and features hub to help you out.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Guides and features hub

Official review – As a young Rider from a small village, you’re told of wondrous tales about your ancestor who once bonded with a formidable beast. Mysterious events have unfolded and you might be able to find such a creature during your travels. Will it save you from catastrophe, or will it spell doom for the world?

Monster Dens, egg rarities, and Ritual of Channeling genes – Since this is a Monster Hunter game, you can bet that there are lots of creatures to discover. You gotta hatch them all and find the best genes that can provide unrivaled boosts.

Monstie Expeditions and leveling – The Monsties you find tend to be low level by default. It’s up to you to grind some experience points so they can be more viable.

Crafting starter guide: Forging and upgrades – The blacksmith has a lot of wares that you want to get your hands on if you wish to make progression a breeze.

How to prevent frostbite in Loloska – Once you reach the game’s third chapter, you’ll have to contend with a debuff that’s far from cool. Indeed, it’ll actually prevent your characters from taking their actions.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is available via Steam.

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