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The Lost City’ Gets a Trailer Ahead of Its July 16th Launch on Apple Arcade – TouchArcade

Last month three very well-known mobile gaming franchises debuted new upcoming entries specific to Apple’s Apple Arcade gaming subscription service. Those games were Angry Birds Reloaded, Doodle God Universe, and Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City. Rather than being a “+” edition re-release of an already existing game on the App Store, each of these games appear to be a new but familiar entry in their respective series. Angry Birds Reloaded seems sort of like a “best of” compilation game, and Doodle God Universe looks like the classic Doodle God formula but amped up with 3D visuals. Then there’s Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, which sort of seemed like a version 1.5 sequel of the 2018 original that brought an entirely new biome and new challenges to the mix. Today Alto’s developer Snowman has debuted a trailer showing a bit of what we can expect from Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City.

Ok that is certainly a teaser-y teaser, but one thing is clear and that is that nobody does style better than the Alto series. The new Lost City biome looks gorgeous already, and it’ll be combined with the Dunes, Canyons, and Temples that we’re already familiar with. As was indicated by the App Store’s meta data when the game showed up in Apple Arcade’s Coming Soon section last month, today’s teaser trailer confirms that Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City will indeed be launching one week from today on July 16th. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. In the meantime, drop by the thread in our forums to discuss this one.

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