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How To Wake Up Monsters In Monster Hunter Stories 2?

While playing MHS 2 Wings of Ruin, you will spot sleeping or resting creatures in their Den that you may want to, well, disturb. But if you are not sure how to wake up Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2, here’s how to do it. There is a simple trick for that which is exactly what we will share in this quick guide.

How to Wake Up Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

To wake up sleeping Monsters in MHS 2, you have to lurk around and take its eggs from its sleeping area (nest) in its Den. You can approach it and steal an egg from there and run away from the place. When you do this, the guarding Monster will be forced to wake up and charge after you. Then the battle will begin and you have to win it to keep the egg with you.

Note that doing this will only increase the chances of waking up the sleeping monster. As you keep grabbing more and more eggs, the monster could wake up faster. If the nest is empty and you do the same thing, a monster may appear for a fight with you. But if you manage to exit the den without a fight, the egg you took will be kept in the Egg Carton.

So, if you aren’t ready to fight the monster, don’t disturb its sleeping time. But if you are, go ahead and gear up for a battle.

That’s everything you need to know about this topic. To help you out further in your journey, we’ve got lots of MHST2 Guides, for more tips & tricks like how to get AnjanathPalamuteBottle CapsEarn Zenny Fast, rename Monsties & our Multiplayer Guide to know how to unlock both co-ops and versus battles in the game.

We’ll be covering more about MHS 2 on Gamer Tweak, so check back soon for more.

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