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MyAppFree Launches a mobile games jam on Itch.io | Pocket Gamer.biz

MyAppFree has launched the Mobile Summer Jam 2021 – its first-ever game jam – on itch.io.

From first-time game developers to larger game studios, everyone’s welcome to participate in the jam. The event runs from June 28th to July 28th, 2021, with up to $1,000 of advertising credit up for grabs in prizes. That means more traffic and exposure for the top three games as voted by the MyAppFree content team.

MyAppFree’s mission is to strengthen the gaming community, scouting the massive catalogue of games to find hidden gems and work with developers to run promotions and deals. That’s where this mobile game jam comes in.

What’s a game jam?

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a game jam is similar to a hackathon, that invites developers to create a new game (or submit an existing title) to be judged based on a set of rules. There’s usually a theme and a time limit – with judges choosing their favourites to win prizes.

Why should indie developers join?

With thousands of new and unique indie games created every day, it’s increasingly difficult – and exhausting – to stand out. Game creators want more people to play and rate their games, and a game jam can help boost that much wanted attention.

The Mobile Summer Jam has no barrier to entry – only that entrants are eager to submit and share their game for judging. There’s a chance of winning a prize that could grow their audience and gain their game the love it deserves.

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Mobile Summer Jam 2021

The Mobile Summer Jam is focusing exclusively on mobile developers creating games that are available on Google Play, App Store, or both. There’s no need for contestants to have extensive know-how under their belt. Indie developers of all sizes and experience levels are welcome to enter.

Whether entrants have a well-established studio and several games under their belt, and simply want more exposure to their favourite creations, or are newbie developers who want to try their hand at creating a brand new game, everyone is encouraged to participate.

Plus, the more devs that get involved, the higher the prize pool, with up to $1,000 to be won.

Sign up now

MyAppFree will be judging all submissions and the top three games will win advertising credit to drive traffic and high-quality downloads for their game. Every game, no matter how big or small, is in with a chance of winning, as places are non-ranked. Participants also feature on the discovery platform’s App of the Day section.

To all developers, from budding game creators or studios that have already begun to make a name for themselves, now’s your chance to put your game out there and join the Mobile Summer Jam 2021.

Ready to submit a game? Sign up on MyAppFree’s dedicated itch.io page – and don’t forget to share with other indie devs!

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