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Metroid Dread Report Vol. 3: Seven points that define the 2D saga | News

Some have tried to weaponise the Metroids because of their energy-absorbing ability, which has made this species the source of several conflicts in the past.

Samus, who was sent to planet SR388 by the Galactic Federation to eradicate the Metroids, successfully accomplished her mission and returned with a Metroid hatchling in tow. As Samus was the first creature the hatchling saw, it imprinted onto her and believed Samus to be its mother. Soon after, however, it would become a source of conflict with the Space Pirates and in the ensuing battle, the hatchling would bravely sacrifice itself to save Samus. The species would then go completely extinct after one of Samus’s later missions.

By the time of Metroid Dread’s events, the Metroids as a whole no longer exist.

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