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Legends of the Guild shows a faithful adaptation

Capcom has gone all out with the Monster Hunter franchise as of late. Ever since the incredible success of Monster Hunter World, Capcom has put out all sorts of Monster Hunter-related media, including two new games in the form of Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 as well as a less-than-faithful movie adaptation. And soon, Capcom will release another multimedia project for the franchise, an animated Netflix movie called Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. Initially announced back in 2018, Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild just received a trailer that provides a glimpse into the movie’s premise and overall style.

This new movie stars Aiden, a young hunter who previously served as a supporting character in both Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter World. Aiden must team up with his fellow hunters to stop an Elder Dragon that threatens not only nature itself, but also the safety of his own village.

A familiar world in a new medium

One aspect of the trailer that will likely please longtime fans is that it features several recognizable characters, monsters, and elements from the games. Several recurring weapons from the series, including the insect glaive, make their appearance. And alongside the return of Aiden, the iconic Palico companion also shows up at the end of the trailer. Judging by a few brief shots and a groan-worthy joke made by Aiden, the Elder Dragon that serves as the focal point of the plot will be Lunastra, a recurring monster that debuted in Monster Hunter 2.

Fans definitely have reason to be cautious about a new animated Monster Hunter movie, especially considering the mixed-to-negative reception of the Monster Hunter movie less than a year prior. But even a cursory glance at the trailer shows that Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild adapts the source material much more faithfully, and there is a strong possibility that it will turn out to be a quality product. Fans who want to see this new take on Monster Hunter can check it out on August 12.

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