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Huge “Expeditions” Update Now Available for ‘The Survivalists’ on Apple Arcade – TouchArcade

In October of last year Team17 released their The Escapists spin-off title The Survivalists on Apple Arcade, PC, and consoles. Whereas in The Escapists games you’d play as a prisoner trying to escape from a variety of different prisons using all sorts of different methods, The Survivalists has you crash landing on an island and trying to survive and thrive by gathering resources, crafting, building, and more. But don’t worry, you’re able to enslave monkeys to do all the heavy lifting for you. Anyway, after that initial launch a big Farming update was released in May, and now this week yet another huge update has arrived for The Survivalists called the Expeditions update. Here’s a trailer.

As you can see, there is A LOT of new stuff in the Expeditions update. There’s a whole new system that enables you to level up your character with more than 40 different Trinkets that you can craft and then equip in order to give them various abilities and enhancements. There are 4 new TaskMasters, Beastmaster, Collector, Gourmand, Salesman. There are also major changes to how Caves work, 5 new pets, 2 new animals, a bestiary, and just so, so much more. You can read up on all the little details over on the game’s website or in the App Store update notes, but suffice to say that the new Expeditions update for The Survivalists is a real doozy.

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