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Genshin Impact — Abandoned Shrine Sacred Sakura Ritual guide

Once you’ve cleansed the corrupted area in Konda Village, Kazari will ask you to go to a new location called the Abandoned Shrine. It’s just northeast of Konda Village. You can either follow the pathway leading to the burnt fields near Mt. Yougou or use the Grand Narukami Shrine fast travel point to glide down. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Sacred Sakura Ritual in the Abandoned Shrine, a sidequest that also rewards you with the Memento Lens gadget.

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Genshin Impact Abandoned Shrine Sacred Sakura Ritual, the Mysterious Shadow, and Memento Lens guide

Earlier, I mentioned that a lot of strange things are happening in Konda Village. Well, prepare to see more spooky stuff in the Abandoned Shrine.

Here, you’ll find a lot of odd instances, especially when you consider the Mysterious Shadow puzzle in this area.

Simply put, the Mysterious Shadow is a specter of a shrine priestess. First, interact with the initial ones that you see (you’ll notice that they’ll disappear).

Then, check out the giant Sky Fox statue. You’ll be told of these clues:

  • Three guardians that need to be gathered in one place.
  • Sacred words that you need to utter.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Abshr Gd 2a

The guardians refer to the Mysterious Shadow ghosts. There are three, but they tend to have additional copies:

  • Middle of the stairs leading to the shrine – This one teleports to the top of the stairs, then to the central area.
  • In front of the shrine – This one teleports to the central area.
  • Roof of the shrine – Climb the roof and interact with the spirit. It’ll teleport behind a tree that’s further away. Talk to it again and it’ll reappear at the central area.

With all three Mysterious Shadow specters gathered, you can interact with the glowing marker to receive a fairly lengthy note.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Abshr Gd 2b

Your next task is to head to the Grand Narukami Shrine. One of the priestesses here tells you that you have to discover what the three sacred words are. To do this, she hands you the Memento Lens gadget.

Return to the Abandoned Shrine and equip the gadget. You’ve probably noticed several small fox statues with a bluish glow. These are called Earth Kitsune. When you activate the Memento Lens and focus on a particular Earth Kitsune statue, it’ll reveal a particular secret or memory.

Try to use the Memento Lens on the Earth Kitsune here:

  • Two at the main shrine (one in front and one off to the right).
  • Two at the steps leading to the temple.
  • Four at the central area and nearby trees/hill.

Genshin Impact Abandoned Shrine Sacred Sakura Ritual Mysterious Shadow Puzzle Guide Memento Lens 1

When you’re done replaying the memories, you’ll learn of the sacred words. Interact with the giant Sky Fox statue and reply with the following:

  • “In the name of Narukami’s envoy.”
  • “And of the Hakushin bloodline.”
  • “Bring forth the fried tofu!”

Genshin Impact Abandoned Shrine Sacred Sakura Ritual Mysterious Shadow Puzzle Guide Memento Lens 2

The Sky Fox statue will hand out the ward that you can use to cleanse the corrupted area. So, where is it exactly?

Well, simply head southeast and fall down the cliff (if you haven’t collected it yet, you’ll find an Electroculi here as your marker).

Use the Rust-Worn Key that you picked up in Konda Village to open the locked gate.

Gen Pct Sacsakrit Abshr Gd 3

The decayed area in the Abandoned Shrine has its own unique pattern:

  • Pray – 1
  • Middle – 2
  • Those at the left, top, and right – 3

Genshin Impact Abandoned Shrine Sacred Sakura Ritual Mysterious Shadow Puzzle Guide Memento Lens 3a

After making the correct changes, click on the main switch to pray and activate the laser. This will spawn another one of those elite Nobushi samurai. Kill it and Kazari will pop up. Once again, she’ll thank you for your help. But, that’s not all, she adds that there are three more corrupted areas in Inazuma, all part of Genshin Impact‘s Sacred Sakura Ritual quest chain.

These can be found in Chinju Forest, Kamisato Estate, and Araumi. The last one, Araumi, is actually fairly important. Since you now have the Memento Lens, you can use the gadget to delve further. It’ll then reveal a secret passageway to the underwater teleporter and domain near where you fought the Perpetual Mechanical Array.

Genshin Impact Abandoned Shrine Sacred Sakura Ritual Mysterious Shadow Puzzle Guide Memento Lens 3b

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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