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GameStop PS5 restock: 1,000 people bought the console from our exclusive reporting

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(Image credit: Matt Swider / Instagram)

PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider has helped 65,000 people in the US buy a next-gen console in 2021 with his tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts and exclusive restock reporting.

The GameStop PS5 restock just sold out today, and 1,000 people bought the console by follow our 24/7 PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider, who will send you an alert the next time the PS5 is in stock – if you follow Matt Swider’s Twitter account and turn on notifications. Our exclusive reporting confirmed the PlayStation 5 restock at GameStop well in advance of the actual restock time, and we even did a big PS5 restock live stream to help people through the complicated checkout process. When and where will PS5 restock next? Matt is tracking over a dozen retailers in the US, and Best Buy and Walmart are the ones to look out for during the remainder of this week, often favoring Thursday dates in 2021.

When? Follow our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider and turn on notifications for instant restock news. It’s the fastest way to get PS5 stock updates.

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