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Apex Legends Seer guide: Master the art of killing

Seer is the latest Legend to join the Apex Legends character roster in Season 10. He’s an artist, visionary, and creative maestro who brings flair and style to the battleground. He specializes in locating enemies and tracking their movements. And all three of his abilities do this beautifully. By the end of this Apex Legends guide, you’ll be ready to style on your enemies with Seer.
Since learning what Seer’s abilities are and how they work, Apex Legends players have suspected that the new character would be stronger than any of the other tracking agents in the game — most notably Bloodhound. Respawn Entertainment has played down how strong Seer’s abilities are, but let me tell you, this Legend is a showstopper.  
Passive: Heart Seeker
Seer’s Passive ability puts little arrows around your crosshair when you ADS that point towards all enemies within 75 meters. When you look directly at an enemy, your reticle goes orange. You can also hear the enemy’s heart beating. The c…
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