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How to Get Iki Island Sarugami Armor


Ghost of Tsushima’s latest expansion takes Jin Sakai to the beautiful shores of a nearby island where he joins forces with some unlikely allies in yet another fight against invading Mongols. The enemies here are much tougher, owing to thicker armor and the rallying battle cries of shaman leaders, which is why you’ll want to complete its mythic tales and score the game’s new armor set. Here’s how to get the Iki Island Sarugami Armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to Get Iki Island Sarugami Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

To get the Sarugami Armor on Iki Island you will need to take the Mythic Tale from Fune’s Refuge called ‘The Legend of Black Hand Riku,’ which you will get to after you have met him fairly early on in the storyline. As usual, the tale is told by a storyteller who beckons you to sit and listen before you are tasked with tracking down its location. This time, it is about a legendary pirate raider who wore special armor.

After listening to the story, head to the area of the map highlighted in the above picture. You are looking for a pool of glowing water.

As you can see above, you’re looking for an inlet in between two cliff faces, which you’ll find by looking down from above. You should see a climbing point when you’re at the top, which you can use to get down. From there, proceed further into a cave until you start to see monkeys. Eventually, you will locate the ‘mysterious cave.’

Navigating the mysterious cave is fairly straightforward. Just keep lighting the braziers to find your way in the darkness and continue on until you come to a pool of water glowing very brightly. It is here you will face Black Hand Riku in a duel. He’s not particularly difficult to take down, but ready yourself to use perfect parry and last-second dodges to counter-attack him after he’s lunged in.

As you can see above, the Sarugami Armor is excellent for those who are good at parrying as it increases the lethality of Jin’s counter-attack. However, the flip side is that it disables normal parrying, meaning that Jin is very vulnerable to incoming strikes unless you’re able to execute a perfect parry every time. It’s a risk/reward armor that certainly makes combat encounters intense and rewarding given how precise you have to be with your defense.

As with all armor sets in the game, the Sarugami Armor is upgradable from armor smiths in exchange for Supplies and other materials. You can find one at Fune’s Refuge.

And that does it for our how to get the Iki Island Sarugami Armor in Ghost of Tsushima. If you’re on the hunt for even more help, make sure check out our guide wiki.

If you have any handy tricks that you’ve discovered yourself, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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