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Dive Dungeon Shop – Expert Game Reviews

Princess Connect game can look simple but there are many details that can confuse a new player. You will see series of guides that we write to make you more familiar with the game. Here you will learn more about Princess Connect! Re: Dive Dungeon Shop. Previously we wrote about Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global) Rerolling Guide which you can also find interesting.

There are seven different shops in the Princess Connect Re Dive game:

  • Normal shop
  • Dungeon Shop
  • Arena Shop
  • Princess Arena Shop
  • Divine Amulet Shop
  • Clan Shop
  • Bonus Shop

Each of them sells different things and we will stop at every shop to tell you more details. In this post, we will write about Dungeon shop only. Later we will add links to the list above to lead to the description of every Princess Connect game shop.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Dungeon Shop Description

Unlike a Normal shop which is available for all players at once, a Dungeon shop unlocks for players after they get access to the first dungeon, Cloudtop Peak. In the Dungeon shop you will find Character Memory Shards and Equipment Pieces. The currency is called Dungeon Coins and it takes 10 Dungeon Coins to instantly refresh the shop.

You can get Dungeon Coins when you farm dungeons. When you reach a checkpoint marked as a red chest instead of brown you receive Dungeon Coins. The number of those coins depends on the Dungeon difficulty level. Additional Dungeon Coins you also get for beating the boss.

There is a way to double all dungeon rewards including dungeon Coins, for that you need to buy the Daily Jewel Pack. In addition, you will also get some Premium Jewels and Skip Tickets per day.

The most useful purchase that you can obtain in the Dungeon shop is the character Memory Shard. It is highly recommended to get them by this source as the equipment is much easier/possible to obtain from simply clearing Main Story Quests rather than using the relatively precious Dungeon Coins.

Dungeon Shop Characters (800 Coins for 5 Memory Shards):

  • Akari
  • Karyl
  • Kuka
  • Maho
  • Mitsuki
  • Nozomi
  • Yukari

It might be a good idea to make your first Dungeon Coins investment in upgrading Yukari. Because this character can be very useful during the Story and early PvP. The other way is to recruit Maho and Nozomi if you didn’t get them in Gachas. They are very useful in the early games as well.

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