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‘UK Siege is the best it’s EVER been’ – G2 Kayak

British Rainbow Six Siege player Jordan ‘Kayak’ Morley has told Esports News UK that the Siege UK scene has never been as good as it is right now.

The team captain for G2 Esports was speaking to ENUK’s stand-in editor Billy Studholme ahead of the 2021 Mexico Major.

He said: “UK siege is the best it’s EVER been and that’s down to — in my opinion — well-ran Ubisoft UK leagues such as ESL Prem in the past and now UK and Ireland Nationals (UKIN).

“These leagues have given unknown players invaluable experience to compete against the best, when [UK] players in the pro scene were just Meepey, Lacky, LeonGids of Secret… now we are one of the biggest nationalities in Europe. Ultimately this has paved the way for everyone else to come in and create their own success for the likes of Navi, Cowana and MNM.”

The Rainbow Six Siege UK Ireland Nationals Summer 2021 playoffs will conclude this Sunday (August 29th 2021), with Navi facing MNM and Viperio going up against Cowana in the semi-finals.

Big wins for UK Rainbow Six as Viperio qualify for European Challenger League and Endpoint win CCS Women’s League

Kayak also spoke about playing for an org like G2. To start with, has he felt the weight of replacing someone like Pengu?

“Obviously there is no denying Pengu is the biggest name in Siege history with his success, his image as a content creator, and playing ability,” Kayak said. “However from the day I entered the door at G2, I’ve wanted to write my own story, be my own player, achieve my own success. This mindset has kept me from feeling the pressure that some people may face when making a transfer similar to mine.

“At the end of the day I won’t be satisfied until I have a legacy within the team and in this game when it’s all said and done.”

“From the day I entered the door at G2, I’ve wanted to write my own story, be my own player, achieve my own success. I won’t be satisfied until I have a legacy within the team and in this game when it’s all said and done.”

Kayak, G2 Esports

Kayak has been a G2 player since March, and the roster hasn’t exactly been settled since he joined with UUNO and Kantoraketti being benched in June. Have the first few months on the roster been difficult for him personally?

“The first few months on the team have been hard at times, as the results weren’t what we wanted of course, however with this line-up I’m really confident we can achieve our long-term goals together,” he said.

“In such a short time frame we’ve already made a lot of things work and it only makes me excited to work harder for the next tournament.

“I am really happy with my improvements, as a year ago I was looking for team, with nowhere to go, and suddenly I’m here. Now it’s just for me to keep improving and keep improving this team, like we have been doing over stage 2 so far. I want to, of course, win trophies, but I know with this roster it will come if we carry on, on the straight and narrow.

“Also, one preparation for me that has been key is to stay in a healthy mindset. So staying active, doing things I like, eating well, alongside playing Siege has been a massive bonus for me.”

Kayak plays with fellow UK player CTZN on G2 (pictured above), along with Australian player Virtue and Germans Jonka and Hungry

Unfortunately for Kayak, G2 had a tough time at the Six Mexico Major 2021, finishing 13th-15th and bottom of group C. The tournament was of course eventually won by Brazilian side Team oNe, who defeated Russia’s Team Empire 3-2 in the grand final.

Kayak said ahead of the major: “Not winning the major definitely will not be a fail for us as a team; we are using this as an experience and a testing ground to work on a LAN environment. This will be our first LAN as a five. Not getting out of groups would be disappointing but the experience will only be for the better no matter the result — for us to build on for either the next Major or SI ‘22.”

Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the UK’s strongest esports in recent years, and that is likely down to several factors, from Ubisoft’s support to the raw talent in the region, their love of the game and the UK’s competitive FPS background.

Long may it continue.

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