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Brewster’s Cafe Could Still Potentially Come to ACNH

In terms of content, Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn’t been as interesting as the players had hoped it to be the following year after its release. During its official launch in 2020, the sales performance that the “chill” and “relaxing” game had was enough proof that it was indeed a massive success. However, that doesn’t mean that it was a perfect game. Hindrances such as having to craft furniture over and over again instead of having the option to just immediately make more than one of the said items in question within a single crafting session could have saved a lot of time. That being said, those are merely technicalities that can be remedied over time should Nintendo choose to do so.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, ACNH fans are still hoping to see a few features that could come to the life simulation title. One of the most demanded additions to New Horizons is arguably Brewster. Animal Crossing originally had The Roost Cafe present in Wild World along with the titles after it such as City Folk and New Leaf. Players are baffled as to why Nintendo didn’t bring Brewster along for the island fun, but there may just be a smidge of hope that the cafe might still make its way to New Horizons.

The Hints That Followed

The rumor mill of Nintendo’s plans for an expansion to add the beloved coffee shop in New Horizons isn’t anything new. One would say that it’s a lost cause at this point, considering how long it’s been since the barrage of speculations started concerning The Roost Cafe. The first few hints surfaced when a data miner by the name of Ninji found references to a certain coffee shop and an art gallery. Well, it’s safe to say that the art gallery part was indeed accurate.

Thanks to a sneaky fox named Redd (who was also present in previous Animal Crossing games), players have the chance to purchase paintings from him, but there was a catch; not all paintings were exactly what appraisers would call…genuine. There would be instances where players could end up purchasing a fake painting if they didn’t scrutinize the piece of art before buying it. Nevertheless, players can put up the works of art that they’ve purchased from Redd in the Museum’s art gallery section. Besides that, unfortunately, the idea of Brewster gracing the players with his presence is still rather murky – that is until a recent datamine from Animal Crossing World has sprouted out of the blue, giving its players a newfound hope for the possibility of Brewster and his cafe to still come to New Horizons.

Animal Crossing World stated that there are indications of Nintendo continuing to work on the long-awaited cafe. This is due to the small references that were made in the 1.11 version update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons which had just released in July. There was reportedly a code that’s alluding to a Museum Cafe coming in the next updates. Not to mention, there was a newly added reference that hints of a third type of entrance for the subject matter at hand.

The Hype Behind The Roost Cafe

It’s no surprise how much hype there is concerning The Roost Cafe and Brewster despite a year since the title was released. Many fans have been clamoring over the addition of the barista and his cafe since after the fact when they found that it wasn’t included in the game at launch. Brewster is a fan-favorite character despite not being a villager and it’s easy to see why.

When a player comes by in The Roost Cafe, they get to have a cup of coffee per day. It’s a rather popular place to spend time with other special characters where players can interact with them to form a connection. The Roost Cafe used to be an entirely separate building in New Leaf (this is the 3DS release for Animal Crossing), but when the DS and Wii Animal Crossing games came out, Nintendo decided to merge Brewster’s cafe in the Museum by putting it inside the Museum itself. With this, there may be a chance of the cafe being put in a small nook inside Blather’s Museum thanks to codes referencing some sort of Museum Cafe and the process of building it.

Final Thoughts

As more datamine-related content pops up about the possibility of Brewster and The Roost Cafe coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the hopes of many Animal Crossing fans have yet to fizzle out. Nintendo has just recently reassured its fans that they are hard at work and there’s more free content that’s currently in development. It’s worth noting that Nintendo just added the first update for New Horizons after three months which gives players new seasonal items to acquire and weekly firework shows to watch. All in all, Nintendo’s attempt to mitigate the players’ concerns about the support for ACNH and the potential of Brewster and his cafe still coming to the Switch title looks promising.

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