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Destiny 2 Guide: How To Get Radiant Dance Machines Hunter Exotic

Each season, Bungie introduces a new Exotic for each character class in Destiny 2. In the Season of the Lost, Hunters get Radiant Dance Machines, a revamped version of the Destiny 1 item. Radiant Dance Machines allows you to use your Hunter dodge a number of times in quick succession near enemies, and in the right build, the Exotic is absolutely broken, giving you extremely fast Super and ability charges and allowing you to easily freeze enemies.

The thing is, you’ll need to go hunt down a pair of Radiant Dance Machines, and you can only get the Exotic from specific places. Here’s what you need to do to snag a pair of Radiant Dance Machines while you can.

How To Get The Radiant Dance Machines Exotic

Radiant Dance Machines allow you to dodge several times in succession whenever you’re close to enemies. Coupled with certain mods, you can gain massive benefits like recharging your abilities and Super ridiculously quickly.

Like other seasonal Exotic armor drops, you won’t find Radiant Dance Machines in random Exotic engrams or in the inventory offered by Xur each week. Instead, you have to go earn the Exotic. These new pieces of armor are random drops from Legendary and Master Lost Sectors, provided you’re alone when you run them. Today, August 26, you can get Radiant Dance Machines from Aphelion’s Rest in the Dreaming City.

While they’re not guaranteed to drop with each clear, the chances are very good. Thanks to the way Exotic engrams work in Destiny 2, you’re guaranteed to get an Exotic you don’t already have when one does drop for you in these activities–so running a Lost Sector a few times pretty much guarantees you a pair eventually.

Legendary And Master Lost Sectors

You’ll find Legendary and Master Lost Sectors marked on the Director map. The thing is, they rotate daily, and each only dishes out a certain kind of Exotic reward; the Legendary reward on one day becomes the Master reward on the next. Legendary Lost Sectors will award, say, Exotic leg armor on Thursday, while on that same day, Master Lost Sectors will award Exotic helmets. On Friday, Legendary Lost Sectors will award Exotic gauntlets, while Masters will dish out leg armor. But on Saturday, neither will offer leg armor–Legendaries will have rotated to helmets and Masters will offer gauntlets. So checking the Lost Sector rewards daily is essential to getting exactly what you want.

Your chances of receiving an Exotic for completing Master Lost Sectors are much higher than for Legendary Lost Sectors, but those activities are also much harder: Legendaries have a recommended Power level of 1320 this season, while Masters recommend a Power level of 1350. Keep that in mind when watching the rotation and deciding whether you want to dedicate some time to plumbing a Lost Sector’s depths.

Check Legendary and Master Lost Sectors to see what they drop before you take them on.
Check Legendary and Master Lost Sectors to see what they drop before you take them on.

You’ll also need to access the Lost Sector from the activity banner beside its entrance, rather than delving down into the Lost Sector as normal. Check the banner to see what kind of challenge you can expect–Legendary and Master Lost Sectors include Champions, add the Match Game mutator, and will lock your equipment for the duration of the activity. Make sure your loadout is set before you head in. You should also know that you have limited revives in these Lost Sectors, although killing the Champions within awards you with more revives to keep you going. After 15 minutes elapses in the Lost Sector, you won’t be able to revive anymore, so move quickly.

Tips For Aphelion’s Rest

Aphelion’s Rest is relatively small and pretty quick to clear, housing only four Champions on Legendary difficutly: two Overload Taken Hobgoblins and two Unstoppable Taken Phalanxes.

If you’ve unlocked enough mods on your Seasonal Artifact, you can make quick work of this Lost Sector using the new Seasonal Exotic weapon, Lorentz Driver. Grab the Unstoppable Fusion Rifle and Linear Fusion Rifle mod from your artifact and you can use Lorentz Driver to make quick work of the Unstoppable Taken Phalanxes. With the gun’s Lagrangian Sights perk activated, it does even more damage, making it great for sniping other Champions from across the map.

But even without the Unstoppable Fusion Rifle mod, you can still clear this one pretty quickly with Unstoppable Pulse Rifle. Just be careful of those Overload Champions–these Hobgoblins now have Stasis weapons and will cut you apart quickly as you damage them. Use an Overload bow to stun them quickly and take them out. It’s probably best to clear out any other enemies in the area first, to minimize any crossfire you might take.

And once you have a pair, check out our story about why Radiant Dance Machines are so great in order to use them effectively.

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