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How the Gaming Industry Celebrated Pride Month

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More industries than ever before are taking note of Pride Month and LGBTQIA+ representation and exclusivity, including the gaming sector. In 2021, the video games and esports industry once again celebrated Pride Month and its LGBTQIA+ players, with a variety of Pride-themed events, content offers and special events. Below, we break down some of the events and offers from the month, back in June.

Free Games for Pride Month

As far as LGBTQIA+ representation is concerned, some studios are going further than others. Dontnod’s game Tell Me Why is the first game from a big studio to feature a trans individual as its protagonist. To celebrate Pride Month, the studio offered players the chance to download the game for free, on Windows 10, Xbox devices, as well as via Steam.

Make a Saving on LGBTQ+ Games

If you play games on your PC, you’ll likely know about Steam’s sales. Last Pride Month, Steam ran a sale across its platform, with savings to be had across titles with a key LGBTQIA+ theme. The platform previously experienced some criticism for making it difficult to seek out games with LGBTQIA+ interest.

65 percent of LGBTQIA+ individuals regularly play video games and the Steam sale brought LGBTQIA+ games into focus. Discounts varied wildly, but players were bound to find a title or two to enjoy.

Video Game Events during Pride Month

If you’re struggling to get out and connect with fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty going on in the virtual world to engage with. GaymerX, a non-profit organization with a keen focus on LGBTQIA+ gaming, used Pride Month to cast a spotlight on LGBTQIA+ creators. Check their social media platforms regularly for deep dives with game creators, as well as insights into LGBTQIA+ character representation in the industry.

Team Liquid also promoted LGBTQIA+ interests during the month with PrideMakers. This week-long event aimed to bring together some of the biggest LGBTQIA+ gaming creators around, shining a light on innovative projects that have been designed to promote better representation and inclusion across the industry.

Show Your Support

There’s also plenty you can do during Pride Month, and throughout the year, to actively show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Many titles offered in-game purchases and free gaming upgrades to celebrate the month. Players of Apex Legends could pick up an exclusive Pride badge to showcase the game’s efforts in diversity, as could players of League of Legends (Riot often releases a new pride player icon each year).

There was also an Xbox Pride-themed controller. This rainbow-hued controller is a nice idea on paper, but with the gaming giant only dishing out the design to a lucky view, it was far cry from the more inclusive efforts found elsewhere in June.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Players

While the video games and esports sector is fairly diverse, there’s still some way to go in terms of representation. However, there’s a handful of big LGBTQIA+ names actively engaged with the esports world. The likes of SonicFox, Scarlett and Cheese are all heavyweights in their field. Check in at platforms like www.1337pro.com to see what your favorite LGBTQIA+ players are up to each Pride Month.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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