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Dive Divine Amulet Shop – Expert Game Reviews

Princess Connect game can look simple but there are many details that can confuse a new player. You will see series of guides that we write to make you more familiar with the game. Here you will learn more about Princess Connect! Re: Dive Divine Amulet Shop. Previously we wrote about Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global) Rerolling Guide which you can also find interesting.

There are seven different shops in the Princess Connect Re Dive game:

Each of them sells different things and we will stop at every shop to tell you more details. In this post, we will write about Divine Amulet shop only. Later we will add links to the list above to lead to the description of every Princess Connect game shop.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Divine Amulet Shop Description

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Divine Amulet Shop is available for every player from the very beginning of the game. There you can exchange your Divine amulets for Character Memory Shards. But remember that you need to obtain a character first and only after that you’ll get the ability to exchange the amulets for that character’s Memory Shards.

Character Memory Shards increase in price after certain thresholds ranging from 1 Divine Amulet per Shard to 5 Divine Amulets after 100 Character Shard purchases. As for the currency, you can get Divine Amulets by different means such as Mana Purchasing and Gacha.

Divine Amulets are obtained from pulling duplicate characters in the Gacha and purchasing Mana from the Mana Exchange. The Gacha will provide more Divine Amulets for higher rarity duplicate pulls, with a 1* providing 1 Amulet; 2* providing 10, and a 3* providing 50.

Purchasing Character Memory Shards with Divine Amulets is unique in that the cost increases after every 20 purchased Shards. This increases to a maximum of 5 Divine Amulets after purchasing 80 Shards. This increase applies to characters individually.

There are no particular recommendations about your Divine Amultes’ investments. As you can get the best use of Divine Amulet shop only if you obtain a character try to save them for the best one.

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