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Fortnite Crew Legacy Set allows subscribers to earn evolving cosmetics

Every month, Fortnite Crew members get access to exclusive rewards. In September, subscribers will see the Burning Wolf skin and related cosmetics added to their inventory. Now, Epic Games has announced a further reward for long term subscribers. The Fortnite Crew Legacy set will launch on August 31 and it includes a back bling and a pickaxe for you to unlock.

Each month that you have an active subscription, you will unlock new stages for your Fortnite Crew Legacy bundle. With each month, your back bling and pickaxe will evolve. In total, there are six different stages that you can work through.

Unlocking each stage of the Fortnite Crew Legacy pack

Firstly, subscribing to the Fortnite Crew will see you unlock the Protocol back bling. In the second stage of your subscription, you will see your back bling evolve into a Protocol Elite style cosmetic. Stage three will see your back bling change again to the Protocol Overdrive style. At the same time, the Zen pickaxe will appear on the back bling. After that, stage four will see the pickaxe evolve into the Zen Striker Style. Then, the next evolution will see you use the Zen Ultra style pickaxe, before finally, stage six will add the Zen Assault Axe style.

If that’s not enough, every style of the back bling is customizable. You can change the color of the cosmetic and the color of the smoke effect associated with the style. Also, your player banner will feature color change options too, giving you another way to show off your customized profile.

Each stage will release on the 14th of each month, and the first stage is available to unlock until December 31. If you pause your subscription, your Fortnite Crew Legacy set will continue to progress once you continue your subscription, as long as the stages are still available.

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