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How to get The Catch polearm and refinement material

The Catch is a new 4-star polearm that’s been added as part of Genshin Impact‘s version 2.1 update. Based on its perks, it’s actually quite decent. Even better, it’s a completely free-to-play option. However, we’re gonna have to do a lot of fishing before we acquire it. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you obtain The Catch, as well as its refinement material called Ako’s Sake Vessel.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub, as well as our version 2.1 overview. Likewise, you can take a look at our main guide for Genshin Impact’s fishing mechanics.

Genshin Impact fishing guide — How to obtain The Catch polearm and Ako’s Sake Vessel

To get The Catch polearm in Genshin Impact, we’ll need to go to Inazuma City. Specifically, it’s the fast travel point just northeast of the city’s outskirts. Here, you’ll find a fishing vendor named Kujirai Momiji. She sells the following items:

  • The Catch polearm – 6x Raimei Angelfish, 20x Golden Koi, and 20x Rusty Koi.
  • Ako’s Sake Vessel – 3x Raimei Angelfish, 10x Pufferfish, and 10x Bitter Pufferfish.
  • Narukawa Ukai rod (bonus success rate when fishing in Inazuma) – 20x of each: Medaka, Glaze Medaka, Lunged Stickleback, and Purple Shirakodai.

Before you could even collect these underwater critters, you’ll first need to farm for Medaka. You’ll need at least 6x Medaka so you can purchase the Fake Fly Bait and False Worm Bait from Nantuck (the fishing vendor in Mondstadt). The Fake Fly Bait is used to lure Golden Koi/Rusty Koi and Pufferfish/Bitter Pufferfish. Meanwhile, the False Worm Bait is used to get the rare Raimei Angelfish.

Once you have the required fish mentioned above, you can get The Catch polearm from Kujirai Momiji. The item has the following quirks:

  • Sub-stat – Energy recharge.
  • “Shanty” perk – +16% elemental burst damage and +6% elemental burst crit rate.

The polearm seems quite good for the Raiden Shogun, especially if you don’t want to spend cash on gacha alternatives. As for the Ako’s Sake Vessel refinement material, remember that you’ll need five of these to hit the maximum refinement rank (R5). That means 15x Raimei Angelfish, 50x Pufferfish, and 50x Bitter Pufferfish.

The linked guides you see above already outline the locations of these creatures. As for the Pufferfish/Bitter Pufferfish, you can refer to our Genshin Impact Fishing Points guide. You’ll normally find them in Cider Lake/Springvale, Dawn Winery, Ritou, and Nazuchi Beach.

Genshin Impact The Catch Ako's Sake Vessel How To Get The Catch Polearm Blueprint Refinement Material Pufferfish Bitter Pufferfish 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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