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New Upcoming Gameplay in Genshin Impact 2.1 – Expert Game Reviews

New upcoming gameplay will appear in Genshin Impact 2.1. Players will experience such new features as Phase Gate, Electric Lamp, and Mysterious Pillars. In this post, you will read more details about these gameplay features. Previously we wrote about other upcoming feature fishing in Genshin Impact, which you can read via the link.

What is Genshin Impact Phase Gate?

In the new patch of Genshin Impact that releases on 1st September, you’ll see two new locations in Inazuma: Seirai and Watatsumi islands. There you will find Phase Gates.

They can be used to check the way the opposite door is facing. When the Phase Gate rotates to the corresponding position, its state will also change.

When both phase gates are in phase, an energy route is established between them. The player can teleport to different locations after adjusting certain Phase Gates to different directions.

What is Genshin Impact Electric Lamp?

In addition to Phase Gates on Watatsumi Island, you will also find Electric Lamps. They look like ancient stone lampstands.

Genshin Impact Electric Lamp

Generally speaking, Electric Lamps are puzzles or parts of bigger puzzles. You might need to light them up in certain order to activate them. Also, you can make a contact with Electrograna by using Electric lamps.

What are Genshin Impact Mysterious Pillars?

Mysterious pillars are also ancient statues that can be found on Watatsumi Island. they will become a new part of gameplay systems as another puzzle type.

Genshin Impact Mysterious Pillars

Activate Mysterious pillars to change the state of surrounding objects and mechanisms. All these upcoming puzzles will make your playtime in Inazuma even more fun.

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