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Diablo 2 Best Magic Find Gear – Expert Game Reviews

Diablo 2 Best Magic Find Gear – Expert Game Reviews

If you want to farm top gear firstly you might need to collect magic find gear. That will help you increase the chances of obtaining desired items. Here we will tell you about the best Diablo 2 Magic Find gears.

You can get Magic Find on almost every type of equipment. While you play you will get such items as boots, gloves, accessories with magic find, but if you have 15%-30% MF it won’t make any particular change. You need to stack much more MF to see that magic, rare, set, legendary items. The easiest way to get more MF is to socket perfect topazes into Armor or Helm. To do so you will need a 4 socket armour and a 3 socket helm. When you insert these 7 perfect topazes you immediately get 168% MF. There is no cap on the magic find, but there are diminishing returns. You’ll start to notice improvements at around 100% Magic Find, and by 200-300% it will start to become less powerful. If you can get to 250-350% that’s really all you need, in terms of finding Sets and Uniques at an increased rate.

If you want to create a character for MF you can choose Sorceress as she doesn’t need equipment for the offence. The other good option is Barbarian because he needless good equipment for offence and defence. Also, they can dual wield Gulls or Ali Babas for a huge MF bonus from the weapon slots.

Socketable items

No top Magic Find gear is complete without key items – socketable items. The easiest way to get MF is to insert Perfect Topaz as we mentioned above. It adds + 24% Chance to Find Magic Items for each gem inserted into Helm or Body Armor. An alternative is Ist Rune, which can be inserted not only into Helms or Body Armor, but also into Weapons and Shields to get a bonus Magic Find. When inserted into a weapon, it gives 30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items, to any other type of equipment – 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items. There are also Magic Find Jewels, but the maximum possible Chance Of Getting Magic Items on them is only 17% (taking into account that the necessary Prefix and Suffix will be lost, which is already a rarity). This makes them irrelevant for Magic Find gear.

Below are Helms and Body Armor with Ist Runes for a simplified calculation of the maximum Magic Find. It would be wiser to use Perfect Topaz for them since they have almost identical MF, but they are very easy to get.

Perfect Topaz
Helm/Armor: +24% Chance to Find Magic Items

Ist Rune
Weapon: +30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Shield/Helm/Armor: +25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Magic Find Equipment

Below is a list of equipment, which shows a few of the popular items for Magic Find Builds. For each item type, the option with the highest MF is also listed. And although it will be the best in terms of the number of MF, it is still better to use items that, in addition to this, will give your build the characteristics you need in order to quickly and efficiently kill monsters.


180% – 6-Socketed Weapon with six Ist Runes
159% – Blade of Ali Baba (1% per Clvl, at Clvl 99) (1-99% + two Ist Runes)
130% – Gull (100% + one Ist Rune)
90% – Langer Briser (30-60% + one Ist Rune)
80% – The Oculus (Sorceress Only) (50% + one Ist Rune)


100% – 4-Socket Shield with four Ist Runes
45% – Milabrega’s Orb (20% + one Ist Rune)
25% – Rhyme Rune Word
25% – Exile Rune Word (Paladin only)


110% – Magical Artisan’s/Jeweler’s Tiara of Luck (26-35% + three Ist Runes)
90% – Immortal King’s Will (Barbarian Only) (25-40% + two Ist Runes)
80% – Griswold’s Valor (20-30% + two Ist Runes)
75% – Harlequin Crest (50% + one Ist Rune)
75% – Stealskull (30-50% + one Ist Rune)
75% – Tarnhelm (25-50% + one Ist Rune)
75% – 3-Socket Helm with three Ist Runes


148% – Skullder’s Ire (1.25% per Clvl, at Clvl 99) (123% + one Ist Rune)
113% – Tal Rasha’s Guardianship (88% + one Ist Rune)
100% – Wealth Rune Word
100% – 4-Socket Armor with four Ist Runes
99% – Enigma Rune Word (1% per Clvl, at Clvl 99) (1-99%)


40% – Chance Guards (25-40%)
25% – Magical/Rare Gloves of Fortune (16-25%)


50% – War Traveler (30-50%)
35% – Magical Boots of Luck (26-35%)


30% – Goldwrap
15% – Tal Rasha’s Fine Spun Cloth (10-15%)


50% – Magical Fortuitous Amulet of Luck (11-15% + 26-35%)


40% – Magical Fortuitous Ring of Luck (11-15% + 16-25%)
30% – Nagelring (15-30%)
25% – Magical/Rare Ring of Luck (16-25%)


40% – Gheed’s Fortune (20-40%)
7% – Small Charm of Good Luck (6-7%)

Starter Magic Find Gear

The easily obtained and cheap low-level Magic Find set-up (without Weapon and Shield) is described below. No high-level uniques, rare items with high rolls or Ist runes. It will allow you to get about 300% + Chance to Find Magic Items without much loss for the speed of stripping.

  • 72%+ Helm (3 Perfect Topazes or Tarnhelm (40%+) with Perfect Topaz)
  • 100% Armor (Wealth Rune Word) or 96% (4 Perfect Topazes)
  • 30%+ Gloves (Chance Guards with 30%+ MF)
  • 30% Belt (Goldwrap)
  • 20%+ Rare Boots with Fortune suffix (+16-25%)
  • 20%+ Magical/Rare Amulet with Luck/Fortune suffix (+26-35% or +16-25%)
  • 30%+ Magical/Rare Rings with Magic Find (+5-25%) and/or Nagelring (15%+)
  • + Charms for extra MF

We hope this post was useful. In case you want to learn more about magic find in general you can also read Diablo 2 Magic Find Guide.

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