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How to Level Up Fast

If you have been looking for ways into New World levelling, then don’t worry. This guide will cover a few ways in which you can level up quickly in the game to make life easier for you.

This guide will highlight the following:

  • How Levelling Works
  • Hatchet and Bow Build
  • Survivability
  • Best Attributes
  • Respawning
  • Other Tips

How Levelling Works

In New World, levelling is primarily focused on the amount of quests that you get through. So the formula goes that the quicker you finish these quests, then the quicker you will be able to start levelling. You have the choice of many different quests that will earn you the XP to start getting your levels up. You also have side quests in the form of town projects and faction missions.

If you’re working towards level 60, then you will need to do more than just main quests. These quests alone won’t be enough, so make sure to do side quests as well. When you start out you will be in one of the starter areas. The level of mobs differ with each region, and in some instances you will find it’s more difficult for levelling.

When you first arrive in the game, it is strongly recommended that you do the side quests in First Light. This is a place where the mobs are lower level, so it’s a good place to begin. Town projects are also good to take on as they are pretty straightforward to complete, as long as they don’t take you to a location that’s far from where you need to be.

A Speedy Build – The Hatchet and Bow

There is a lot of back and forth in the beginning of New World, which is standard procedure for a massive multiplayer online title. That said, the minutes can certainly start to add up when you are traipsing from quest to quest. With that in mind, you should check out the Hatchet.

This, along with the Berserk mastery, will give you the best option to speed up your mobility in the early stages. It may not seem like that much on the surface, but when you consider the amount of time it takes to get to each quest from the other, it is going to be a big help. You can also get a speed boosts having the Archer’s Speed mastery with your bow.


When you are in the heat of battle, you are going to need to be able to survive. Having the ability to sustain yourself is a big deal, so having the Berserk mastery is going to be vital. As you progress through the tiers, you will come to the Berserking Refresh mastery. This helps your sustainability by helping you regenerate some health when you activate the Berserk skill.

Best Attributes

Attributes is a feature that is predominantly subjective. It all boils down to your approach to playing the game. That being said, if you are following the Hatchet and Bow build, then there’s a couple that you should be focusing on.

With the Hatchet and Bow, the former scales from Strength, whilst the latter scales from Dexterity. The way in which the combat style works, mixing ranged and close-quarter fighting, you shoul focus your attributes on both Strength and Dexterity.

You can balance your attributes between the two, though if you favour one over the other, then that will have an effect. If you are using the Hatchet more, then put more into Strength. If you favour the Bow over the Hatchet, then plug everything into Dexterity.

Respawning in New World

If you would like some other tips for levelling, then respawning is an easy method you can use. All you have to do is place your camp where you wish to go, then go to the menu and kill yourself. You can then respawn at your camp. It might seem simple enough, but it is a great way for you to cover a large amount of the map. This should tide you over until you get to the point where you can fast travel.

Other Tips

You are bound to lose items over the course of the early game. If you are looking into respawning durability loss quite a lot, then try and get out of the habit of it. The gear that you get early on isn’t something you should be focusing on too much. If you are familiar with the MMO genre, then you might be aware of this advice already. Given how long these games tend to be, and how levelling systems work, you are going to be working towards better gear as you progress. So don’t pay too much attention to what you get at the start, as the best gear is yet to come.

Fast travelling is a feature in the game, and you can do so via shrines. You are able to fast travel to shrines that you can find around the map, though they are only in particular areas. That said, even though they are limited to certain areas of the game, it can come in very useful if they are near a quest that you have been looking to start.

Overall, you will have a number of decisions to make when playing New World. The way in which you approach the game is going to determine a lot of the experience that you have throughout There isn’t your usual class system, so there is more choice in what you can combine in terms of the weapons and armour that you find. Even so, there are a few savvy choices to be made when it comes to your build if you want to level up quickly. Hopefully with this insight into new world levelling you have an idea of what you need to do if you want to level up fast. There’s plenty of ways for you to speed up your levels even in the early game, so make sure that you do so whenever you have the opportunity to.

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