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Wrath of the Righteous — The Dragon Hunt quest guide

The Dragon Hunt is one of the quests that you’ll receive at the start of Act III in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. It entails searching for a dragon that’s terrorizing the countryside. Along the way, you’ll get some help from old and new allies. Perhaps you’ll even unlock another Mythic Path later in the game. Here’s our Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous guide to help you complete The Dragon Hunt quest.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to complete The Dragon Hunt quest to rescue the Storyteller

To progress further in The Dragon Hunt quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, go to the Half Measure Tavern in Drezen to recruit Greybor (you’ll need to pay him 2,500 gold).

Our goal is to reach a location called Grimwood which is further west of Drezen, so get your crusader armies to clear a path.

When you’re moving with your party on the world map, you’ll face off against the red dragon Devarra in two random encounters. She loves to do a fire breath attack in a frontal cone, so beware of that.

Anyway, after damaging it a little, the beast will fly away, so just keep advancing until you can enter Grimwood. Here, you’ll be able to prepare an ambush. You can damage Devarra some more during this fight, but she’ll still escape.

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Next, check the world map. Just south of Drezen, you’ll find a new location called The Blood Trail. Go there and a storybook event reveals the Artisan’s Tower location.

Make sure you save before traveling to that area because there will be another storybook event. This time, there are multiple skill checks (i.e., Mobility 22/Knowledge: World 24, Athletics 30/Lore: Nature 28, and so on). You can fail the first two skill checks, but you need to pass the third (Athletics 31). If you fail even this one, your party will spawn right in front of Devarra. She’ll just breathe fire and terrify everyone within a split second.

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If you pass the skill checks, you’ll spawn at the edge of the tower. Here, you’ll see that the Storyteller is all alone against Devarra. There are two more skill checks here (Stealth 20 and Stealth 25) if you wish to be sneaky. After exhausting the dialogue options, you can step out of cover and attack.

Use spells and abilities that can prevent fear (i.e., the Bard’s Inspire Courage). Otherwise, Devarra’s AoE screech will debilitate most of your melee combatants. And, of course, watch out for her fire breath.

Before you can land the killing blow, Devarra flies to the second-floor landing. Stop whatever you’re doing and bring your entire party there. You need to defeat her quickly. If she escapes, she’ll burn Storyteller’s books and The Dragon Hunt would be a failure.

Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous How To Complete The Dragon Hunt Quest Guide Devarra Greybor Storyteller Terendelev's Lair Gold Dragon Mythic Path 1

If you’re successful in killing Devarra, go ahead and start looting the stuff here. There are several scrolls in the tower, as well as some Mandragora down below the ruin’s basement. What we need, though, is the Elven Notes in the bookshelf near the Storyteller. Grab it and present it to him.

Important looted items include:

  • Bracers of Abrupt Onslaught – +5 bonus to Trickery skill chests and additional bludgeoning damage dealt with sneak attacks.
  • Half of the Pair amulet – +2 bonus to attack rolls and AC if two characters/creatures are wearing the same amulet.

Also, with The Dragon Hunt quest completed, you can tell Greybor that you’d like to hire him permanently. You have to pay 12,500 gold to make him a permanent companion.

Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous How To Complete The Dragon Hunt Quest Guide Devarra Greybor Storyteller Terendelev's Lair Gold Dragon Mythic Path 2

Next, meet up with The Storyteller in front of Drezen’s citadel. You can hand him the other Elven Notes that you’ve collected so you can learn more about his past. Likewise, you can get him to reveal the true nature of some of the items you’ve picked up. Finally, you can turn in Terendelev’s Claw, the same relic that you found in the cave in Leper’s Smile.

The Storyteller will reveal the location of Terendelev’s Lair as part of The Dragon’s Fate quest. Terendelev’s Lair is a place that you definitely want to visit if you want to unlock the Gold Dragon Mythic Path.

Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous How To Complete The Dragon Hunt Quest Guide Devarra Greybor Storyteller Terendelev's Lair Gold Dragon Mythic Path 3

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is available via Steam.

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