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Dive Clan Shop – Expert Game Reviews

Princess Connect game can look simple but there are many details that can confuse a new player. You will see series of guides that we write to make you more familiar with the game. Here you will learn more about Princess Connect! Re: Dive Clan Shop. Previously we wrote about Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Global) Rerolling Guide which you can also find interesting.

There are seven different shops in the Princess Connect Re Dive game:

Each of them sells different things and we will stop at every shop to tell you more details. In this post, we will write about Clan shop only. Later we will add links to the list above to lead to the description of every Princess Connect game shop.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Clan Shop Description

Clan Shop is available for all but if you don’t have a clan you will not receive Clan coins. So it is important to s find an active clan and join it. Clan Coins are obtained from the Clan Battle game mode. In the shop, you can buy unique Character Memory Shards and equipment pieces.

Clan battles are not available all the time but they take place every month. You will see the announcement that the new Clan Battle is coming and you can get ready for the next one. For example, join a clan. For participating in Clan Battles you get Clan Coins needed for the shop. At the end of the month (even if you change the clan or leave it) you will receive bonus Clan Coins relevant to your activity.

Clan Coins are obtained in the Clan Battle game mode from defeating CB Bosses, earning a particular Clan Rank throughout the event, and outranking your own Clan member’s damage output per boss. Overall, Clans will earn relatively few Clan Coins compared to other shop currencies.

If you need some purchase recommendations you can think about obtaining the following princesses from the Clan Shop:

It is highly recommended to spend your first Clan Coins on recruiting Makoto because she is a really useful character in Clan Battles. Unless you have other good characters.

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