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Week 3 Atlas Skew Rheasilvia Locations Guide; Ager’s Scepter Quest

The hunt for Atlas Skews continues in Destiny 2 as of week three of Season of the Lost. Last week we hunted them down in the Strand, and this week we’ll be searching in Rheasilvia and Harbinger’s Seclude. It looks like we’ll be needing to do this one more time after this week in order to progress the Ager’s Scepter trade rifle exotic quest. If you’re here, you’re probably looking to get the Atlas Skews for week 3 in Destiny 2. Here’s where they all are.

Rheasilvia Lower Level

Atlas Skews Week 3

While this week’s Skews are pretty annoying and tricky to get to, this one at least isn’t too bad. Although there are lots of “lower levels” in Rheasilvia, the one you’re looking for is the one by the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector. Simply head in the direction of that Lost Sector and you’ll see it along your way in the tunnel that heads to the Lost Sector.

Rheasilvia Secluded Statue

Atlas Skews Week 3

atlas skew week 3

There are a lot of “secluded statues” in Rheasilvia, but there’s one in particular that you have to go to. Honestly, it’s a pain, so below we have included a picture of the exact location on the map where the Atlas Skew resides.

Essentially, though, what you need to do is head towards Harbinger’s Seclude, AKA the giant temple in this area, and towards the right there will be some floating rocks/cliffs.

You’ll need to scale your way up those rocks and at the top, you’ll find the Atlas Skew pictured above. There’s another confusing one you’ll have to contend with. Fortunately, we have a picture and location for this one too.

Rheasilvia Temple Overlook

Atlas Skews Week 3

atlas skew week 3

Once again, there are lots of areas that could be considered a “temple overlook” but the one that Bungie wants us to hunt down this time is located on a path left of the big bridge that leads to the temple.

There will be a bunch of rocks that form a little hill that you can climb up that is pictured above. Towards the top of this formation, you’ll find another Atlas Skew. Fortunately, this does it for the particularly annoying ones.

Now, let’s head into the big temple, AKA Harbinger’s Seclude, to get the last two Skews. We promise they won’t be as annoying as the last three.

Harbinger Side Hallway

Atlas Skews Week 3

atlas skew week 3

This one is quite easy. Once you’re in the temple, make your way through until you enter a big room where you’ll likely find some enemies. If you look over to your right from the entrance, you’ll see a hallway lit up blue. This is where you’ll find the Side Hallway Skew.

Harbinger Ahamkara Skulls

Atlas Skews Week 3

Finally, we need to visit the old Ahamkara Skulls located at the bottom of Harbinger’s Seclude for this final Atlas Skew for week 3. If you played back in Forsaken, it’s probably been a while since you said hello to them. If you’re a newish Light, you might have never even been here!

Fortunately, this Atlas Skew is not hard to find once you know where to look. Go back to the start where you entered for the previous Skew. Instead of going off to the right to the blue hallway, go straight. Enter the big room and drop off the railing to get to the lower level, then turn around facing the way you came in.

Follow this path through a series of drops that will bring you to the lower level. In this room, you’ll find the final Atlas Skew.

After you’ve collected all of the Atlas Skews, return to the HELM once more and select the quest mission that now appears. Turn them in just as you did the last time.

Hopefully, that helped you find all of the Atlas Skews for week 3! For the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including Season of the Lost and the latest on The Witch Queen expansion, browse our most recent articles right here.

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