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How to Block & Parry


Blocking is one of the most basic actions you can do in any Tales game, but Tales of Arise has switched up the combat just a bit. So if you’re having trouble blocking, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to block and parry in Tales of Arise.

Blocking & Parrying in Tales of Arise

You might be having trouble blocking because you simply can’t. You can’t actually block enemy attacks in this game unless you’re using Kisara. She’s the only party member with a shield, so instead of dodging, she uses it to block.

Hold down R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox to block when using Kisara. It’s the exact same button that other characters use to dodge. Last-second blocks are parries that function similarly to last-second dodges. Time will slow down, giving Kisara an opening to counterattack if you quickly block with the right timing.

If you have the Counter Edge Skill unlocked you’ll be able to press your normal attack button right after a last-second block/parry to dash up to the enemy and retaliate with a combo of your own. There are even other Skills that Kisara can unlock to strengthen her guard and take less damage while blocking against all enemies in Tales of Arise.

Kisara’s Boost Attack is also a block. When her Boost Gauge (BG) is full, press the direction on the D-Pad that corresponds with her character icon to call her in and have her block an enemy’s charging attack before it hits any party member.

So, not every party member can do it, but that’s everything you need to know about how to block in Tales of Arise. Check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other general info on the game if you’re looking to learn more.

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