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‘Football Manager 2022’ Touch and ‘Football Manager 2022’ Mobile Release Beginning November 9th Worldwide – TouchArcade

As has become the norm around September each year, SEGA and Sports Interactive just announced Football Manager 2022 Touch and Football Manager 2022 Mobile. Football Manager 2022 for PC and macOS launches this November and for the first time, the PC game will also be included on Xbox Game Pass from day one. Football Manager 2022 for Xbox will also be on Xbox Game Pass from day one. On the portable side of things, Football Manager 2022 Touch is coming to iPad, Android, and Nintendo Switch while Football Manager 2022 Mobile is coming to iOS and Android. All versions barring Football Manager 2022 Touch have been confirmed for November 9th.

SEGA and Sports Interactive will reveal full details for Football Manager 2022 Touch soon. In the last few years, Football Manager 2022 Touch on Nintendo Switch has launched later than all other platforms so I expect the same this year. Details on Football Manager 2022 Mobile and Touch haven’t been revealed yet (barring the release date for Mobile) but pre-orders will go live early next month. Until Football Manager 2022 releases, you can get Football Manager 2021 Touch for iPad on the App Store here and on Google Play for Android tablets here. You can buy Football Manager 2021 Mobile on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Did you end up playing Football Manager 2021 on any platform or will you be getting Football Manager 2022 after taking a break from the games?

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