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How to make Egor leave in Lost in Transmission

As the leader of the AEON crew in Deathloop, you can expect Egor to be an egomaniac. He also happens to challenge you to a fight in The Complex at night. After that fateful battle, you’ll realize that he’s actually conducting an experiment here earlier in the day. Perhaps you can ruin all the hard work that he’s done. Here’s our Deathloop Lost in Transmission quest guide to help you make Egor leave The Complex so he ends up in Updaam for Aleksis’ party.

Note: We’ll have a Deathloop guides and features hub coming soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.

Deathloop AEON Visionary boss guide – How to make Egor go to Updaam (Lost in Translation quest)

As mentioned earlier, you must’ve defeated Egor in The Complex during the evening. Examining the other fixtures in Array Y will let you know that you have to come back here earlier in the day in a different cycle. Ideally, you should visit this place at noon (which is the only free time you’ll have assuming your schedule is already set to eliminate the other Visionaries in quick succession).

Here’s what you need to do in Array Y at noon:

  • Check windows of the main building (Serling Labs) and use your Hackamajig to commandeer the turrets.
  • Climb on the rooftop and go down the hole to enter Serling Labs. While you’re here, you can take out the other Eternalist guards.
  • Drop down another hole next to a turret and disable the turret that’s in the lower room.
  • Pull the lever here which will allow you to open the other doors.
  • Enter the small room on the ground floor and check a few more notes here.

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  • Go back to the second floor of Serling Labs and use the Hackamajig to override the controls of a Field Nullifier.
  • Bring it outside to the central area where a purple object is shimmering. Deploy it.
  • Once you do this, a small contraption will be revealed. This will allow you to input a code based on the frequency that Egor is researching (i.e., B-3-0-2).
  • Hit the button to shut down the device.

Because of your actions, Egor will find out that his research was all for naught. He’ll have no choice but to go to Aleksis’ party in Updaam at night since his work has been ruined. This is basically a way to ensure that you can take out all Visionaries in a single day/loop.

Deathloop Egor Complex Updaam Lost In Transmission Field Nullifier Egor Aleksis Party 2

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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