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Random: Nintendo Fan Collects Every Game Boy Game In Just Two Years

Image: Nintendo Life

Several members of the Nintendo Life team would consider ourselves to be collectors, but none of us have ever managed to achieve anything quite like this.

Twitter user Shouta has managed to get his hands on every single Game Boy game released in Japan, amazingly completing the set in just two years. It’s believed that a whopping 1,244 games were released for the system in the country (around 200 more than the US received), meaning the collection is quite the sight to behold.

As detailed in the tweet below, Shouta began truly working towards the collection in September 2019 – we’re not sure how anyone could manage to pick up more than 1,000 games in that time, but we applaud the effort.

Simply beautiful.

Speaking to Kotaku, Shouta explains, “I’ve always liked the Game Boy, and I had a number of games I bought to play, and along the way, that turned into deciding to complete the full set… I haven’t added up how much I spent, so I don’t know.”

His Twitter followers helped him to track down games missing from the collection – without them, Shouta says the process “would’ve taken five years” – and it sounds like he already has ideas on what to do next. “I also have a desire to collect GBA, but I think I’ll start with making my own storage shelves like I did for the Game Boy.”

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