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Daemon X Machina Is Probably Getting A Sequel, But It’s Going To “Take Time”

Daemon X Machina is currently celebrating its second anniversary. As part of this, Nintendo has also released a Switch Online trial. That’s not all, though…

During a special anniversary live stream, the game’s producer, Kenichiro Tsukuda, stated how his team would eventually make a second entry. The only catch is it might take a while before it’s actually released. Here’s a translation, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

“This isn’t really an announcement, but I’d like to make a strong assertion that we will make some kind of sequel. We need time to test things out, but we’re motivated. We always want to increase our player-base as games themselves and the times change, so we want to make something fitting. That’s where we’re at, but as I said, it’s going to take time.”

If there is a second game on the way, there’s a good chance of it showing up on a Nintendo platform. Since Daemon X Machina’s arrival on Switch in 2019, the game has been updated with new and themed content, additional modes, and even some free DLC. This was followed in 2020 with a release on PC.

Would you be interested in a sequel to Daemon X Machina? Have you played this game on Switch yet? Comment below.

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